Chapter 17

Tracking and Analyzing Your Progress

In This Chapter

arrow Organizing details to make tracking easier

arrow Analyzing the expenses and the revenues coming from various avenues

arrow Understanding your progress and reducing problems

arrow Applying information to your plans, your future, and your progress

The more you understand the root, reaction, and results of your activity, the more progress you can make in your career. Sometimes failure and issues are helpful. They enable you to problem-solve, resolve, and move forward with a greater understanding and more confidence than if events and situations come off without a hitch. You could just track your progress, but all and all, it’s more informative to track and analyze your progress to continue and sustain success.

Detailing Your Detailed Account

Setting up automated tracking systems for social media and certain sales systems is a smart idea, but take it one step further and make sure you’re reviewing the details and have a clear understanding of what they mean. All too often, data can come off overwhelming, especially when presented in bars, ...

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