My Digital Travel for Seniors

Book description

My Digital Travel for Seniors

Easy, clear, readable, and focused on what you want to do.

Step-by-step instructions for the tasks you care about most

Large, full-color, close-up photos show you exactly what to do

Common-sense help whenever you run into problems

Tips and notes to help you along the way

Take advantage of proven strategies that make travel more affordable, less stressful, and easier to manage with the use of technology that’s readily available to you.

·         Learn how to use the discounts you’re entitled to from AARP, AAA, and other organizations when booking any type of travel using your Internet-connected computer, smartphone, or tablet.

·         Find and book the lowest airfares using popular travel-related websites and mobile apps.

·         Book the best possible accommodations, at the lowest available prices.

·         Learn tips for saving money when renting a car, plus how to use other ground transportation options whenever you travel.

·         Find and book vacation packages, travel bundles, or all-inclusive vacations without overpaying.

·         Book and plan cruise vacations and discounted shore excursions using your computer or mobile device.

·         Find low-cost options to accessing the Internet and making calls while traveling abroad, without paying overpriced international roaming charges.


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Table of contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. About AARP and AARP TEK
  8. Dedication
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. We Want to Hear from You!
  11. Reader Services
  12. 1. Using Technology for Planning Travel
    1. Don’t Be Afraid of Technology
    2. What You Need to Get Started
      1. Find, Download, and Install a Mobile App
      2. Working with a Desktop or Notebook Computer
    3. Putting Travel Technology to Work
      1. Travel-Related Websites, Online Services, and Mobile Apps
    4. Using Technology to Become Your Own Travel Agent
  13. 2. Researching Travel Opportunities
    1. Making the Important Decisions
    2. Using Your Devices to Conduct Pre-Trip Research
      1. Digital Editions of Travel Magazines
      2. Interactive Travel Guides
      3. Popular Online Travel Services and Websites
      4. Websites Operated by Individual Departments of Tourism
      5. Map Apps on Your Smartphone or Tablet
    3. Using AARP Travel to Conduct Research
      1. Use AARP Travel to Choose a Destination
    4. Using the Travelzoo Website and Mobile App
      1. Use the Travelzoo Website
      2. Use the Travelzoo Mobile App
    5. Getting Advice from Fellow Travelers
      1. Use TripAdvisor on Your Computer
      2. Use the TripAdvisor App
  14. 3. Getting to Know Some Popular Travel Tools
    1. Before You Book a Trip
    2. Airbnb
      1. Use the Airbnb Website or Mobile App
      1. Use the Service
    4. Cruise Ship Mate
    5. Expedia
    6. FlightTrack 5
    8. Hotwire
    9. Kayak
    10. Priceline
      1. Use Priceline to Make a Booking
    11. Travelocity
    12. TripIt
  15. 4. Using Travel Provider Websites and Mobile Apps
    1. Airline Websites and Mobile Apps
      1. Finding and Making an Airline Reservation
      2. Check In for Your Flight and Create Boarding Passes
      3. Managing Your Itinerary from an Airline’s Website
    2. Accommodation Websites and Mobile Apps
      1. Make a Reservation Using a Hotel’s Website
    3. Using a Rental Car Company’s Website or Mobile App
  16. 5. Finding and Booking the Best Airfares
    1. Calculating Added Costs Associated with Air Travel
      1. Understanding Baggage Allowances
      2. Minimizing Your Packing
    2. Determining the Type of Airline Ticket You Want
      1. Choosing Your Travel Class
      2. Choosing Your Flight
    3. Five Tips for Finding the Lowest Possible Airfares
      1. Research the “Discount” Airlines Separately
      2. Check Three or More Services
      3. Look for Package Deals or Travel Bundles
      4. Set Up Free Price Alerts and Take Advantage of Price Match Guarantees
    4. Additional Considerations for International Travel
      1. Applying For or Renewing Your U.S. Passport
      2. Understanding Travel Visas and Travel Warnings
  17. 6. Finding Ground Transportation
    1. Considerations for Selecting a Rental Car Company
    2. Planning for Extra Charges
    3. Finding and Renting a Car
      1. Use a Travel Service’s Website
      2. Using a Specific Rental Car Company Website
    4. Tips for Saving Money on Rental Cars
      1. Avoid Unnecessary Upgrades
      2. Choose the Right Type of Insurance Coverage
      3. Select the Correct Pick-Up and Drop-Off Dates and Times
      4. Take Advantage of Discounts
    5. Understanding Your Rental Car Insurance Options
    6. Exploring Ground Transportation Alternatives
    7. Navigating Using Your Mobile Device
      1. Using Maps and Google Maps
      2. The Maps Apps Offer Multiple Viewing Perspectives
      3. Use the iOS 9 Edition of the Maps App
      4. Use the iOS 10.1 Edition of the Maps App
      5. Use the Google Maps App
  18. 7. Finding and Booking Accommodations
    1. Define Your Accommodation Wants, Needs, and Budget
      1. Considering the Extra Fees
      2. Understanding Payment Terms
      3. Understanding the Accommodation Ratings
      4. Using the Reviews
      5. Selecting the Right Location
      6. Choosing Amenities
    2. Understanding Vacation Home Rentals
      1. Considering Renting a Timeshare Unit
    3. Considering B&Bs
    4. Finding and Booking Traditional Hotel or Motel Accommodations
      1. Find and Book Accommodations
  19. 8. Finding and Booking a Cruise
    1. Getting to Know the Popular Cruise Lines
    2. Understanding Cruise Pricing
    3. Doing Research
      1. Use
    4. Shopping for a Cruise
      1. Use
      2. Use
    5. Mobile Apps That Enhance Your Cruise Experience
      1. The Ship Mate Mobile App
      2. Apps for Shore Excursions
      3. Apps for Cruise Lines
  20. 9. Finding All-Inclusive Vacations and Vacation Package Deals
    1. Understanding the Drawbacks of All-Inclusive Vacations and Travel Packages
    2. Finding and Booking All-Inclusive Vacations
      1. Use Expedia to Book an All-Inclusive Vacation
    3. Finding and Booking Vacation Packages
      1. Vacation Packages Through Airlines
      2. Find a Vacation Package Using Kayak
    4. Creating Your Own Travel Bundles
      1. Use AARP Travel
  21. 10. Mobile Apps to Use at Your Destination
    1. Where You’ll Find These Apps
    2. Apps to Help You Get Where You’re Going
      1. Airline, Hotel, and Rental Car Company Apps
      2. Navigation Apps
    3. Finding Restaurants and Making Dining Reservations
      1. Use the Yelp! App
      2. Use the OpenTable App
    4. Using Food Delivery Apps
    5. Locating Attractions, Stores, Businesses, or Services
    6. More Ways to Use Your Mobile Device While Traveling
      1. Apps That Save You Money
      2. Use the AAA Mobile App to Save Money
      3. Use the AARP Member Advantages App to Save Money
  22. 11. Online Travel Discounts By Association
    1. AARP Travel-Related Resources Beyond AARP Travel
      1. Get Recommendations from AARP and Expedia
    2. Finding Discounts Offered to AAA Members
      1. Use the AAA Website to Find Discounts
    3. Discovering City-Specific Discounts
      1. Use Groupon and Living Social to Find Discounts
    4. Getting Perks from Your Credit Card
      1. Find Travel-Related Discounts Offered By AmEx
  23. 12. Finding and Purchasing Travel Insurance
    1. When You Travel, Things Can Go Wrong, So Be Prepared!
      1. Travel Insurance Coverage
    2. Shopping for Travel Insurance
      1. Purchase Travel Insurance Online
    3. Filing a Claim Online
  24. 13. Services for Managing Travel Itineraries
    1. Mobile Apps for Managing Your Travel Itineraries
      1. Drift
      2. Excursion
      3. FlightTrack 5
      4. Sygic Travel: Trip Planner
      5. Trip Boss Travel Manager
      6. TripCase
    2. Travel Itinerary Management Options for Your Computer
      1. Travefy
      2. TripIt
    3. Ways to Meet Fellow Solo Travelers
  25. 14. Connecting Your Computer, Smartphone, or Tablet While Traveling
    1. Cellular Data Versus Wi-Fi from Your Mobile Device
    2. Ways to Avoid International Roaming Charges
      1. International Roaming
      2. Prepaid Sim Chips
      3. Wi-Fi Options for Making and Receiving Calls
      4. Wi-Fi Hotspots
    3. Taking Advantage of a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot
      1. Create a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Your iPhone or iPad
      2. Create a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Using Your Android Device
      3. Purchase a Personal Wi-Fi Hotspot Device
  26. Glossary
  27. Index
  28. 15. Chronicle and Share Your Experiences
    1. Letting Your Pictures Tell a Story
    2. Five Tips for Taking Better Photos with Your Mobile Device
      1. Choose Between Landscape and Portrait Mode
      2. Pay Attention to Your Primary Light Source
      3. Use the Rule of Thirds to Frame Your Shots
      4. Don’t Always Shoot from a Head-On Perspective
      5. Use the Camera’s Auto-Focus Sensors
    3. Using the Camera App
    4. Managing Your Digital Images from Your Mobile Device
    5. Managing Your Digital Images Using Your Computer
    6. Showcasing and Sharing Your Digital Images Online
      1. Share Digital Images Using Social Media
      2. Create Photo Books and Photo Products
    7. Create a Vacation Diary with Moleskine Voyageur

Product information

  • Title: My Digital Travel for Seniors
  • Author(s): Jason R. Rich
  • Release date: November 2016
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780134587684