My GoPro HERO®5 Camera

Book description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to the GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO5 Session™, or HERO Session™ camera. Photos and sample images show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into problems or limitations with your GoPro camera in specific shooting situations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your GoPro camera when taking pictures or shooting HD video in a wide range of shooting situations.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your GoPro camera working just the way you want in order to shoot the absolute best photos and videos possible. Learn how to:

  • Set up your GoPro camera and prepare for any type of shooting situation

  • Take awesome first- or third-person videos just about anywhere, including underwater or in low-light situations

  • Select and use the best camera housing, mount, and accessories to capture the perfect shots

  • Take detailed and vibrant high-resolution, digital images with your GoPro camera

  •  Shoot stunning HD video using your GoPro camera 

  • Record high-quality audio in conjunction with your videos 

  • Choose the best resolution and camera settings for each shooting situation you encounter 

  • Wirelessly transfer your digital content from your camera to your smartphone or tablet using the GoPro Capture™ mobile app 

  • Transfer content from your camera to your computer to view, edit, enhance, archive, and share it using photo editing software or the GoPro QUIK Desktop™ and GoPro Studio™ video editing software 

  • Learn strategies used by the pros to achieve your own professional results

  • Table of contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. 01. Overview of the GoPro HERO Cameras
      1. An Entirely New Shooting Experience
      2. Understanding Digital Camera Resolution
      3. Choosing the Right GoPro Camera
        1. The GoPro HERO Session
        2. The GoPro HERO5 Session
        3. The GoPro HERO5 Black
      4. Getting the Best Results with a Mount
      5. Using GoPro Accessories
        1. The GoPro Mobile Apps
        2. The GoPro QUIK Desktop Software
      6. Start Gathering Your GoPro Equipment
    12. 02. Getting Started with Your GoPro HERO5 Black
      1. Ten Improvements to the HERO5 Black
      2. What Comes with the HERO5 Black
      3. Choosing an FOV
        1. Narrow
        2. Linear
        3. Medium
        4. Wide
        5. SuperView
      4. Overview of the HERO5 Black’s Body
        1. The Front of the Camera
        2. The Back of the Camera
        3. The Right Side of the Camera
        4. The Left Side of the Camera
        5. Open and Close the Side Door
        6. Removing and Reattaching the Port Compartment Door
        7. The Top of the Camera
        8. The Bottom of the Camera
      5. Exploring the LCD Status Screen
      6. Exploring the Camera’s Full-Color Touchscreen
      7. Setting Up the Camera for the First Time
        1. Customizing Your HERO5 Black
        2. Customize Your Camera’s Settings
      8. Using Voice Commands
      9. Updating Your Camera’s Operating System
      10. Update Using the GoPro Capture Mobile App
        1. Update Using the QUIK Desktop Software
        2. Update the Camera Manually
    13. 03. Getting Started with Your HERO5 Session or HERO Session
      1. Pros and Cons of the HERO Session and HERO5 Session
        1. Pros
        2. Cons
      2. What Comes with the HERO Session and HERO5 Session
      3. Turning On or Off Your Camera
      4. Overview of the Camera’s Body
        1. The Front of the Camera
        2. The Back of the Camera
        3. The Top of the Camera
        4. The Bottom of the Camera
        5. Remove the Camera from the Frame Housing
        6. Inserting the Camera into the Frame Housing
        7. The Right and Left Sides of the Camera
        8. Opening the Port Compartment Door
        9. Removing and Reattaching the Port Compartment Door
      5. Setting Up the Camera for the First Time
        1. Set Up the Camera
      6. Using Voice Commands
        1. Turn on Voice Control
      7. Viewing or Playing Back Your Content
      8. Updating the Camera’s Operating System
    14. 04. Overview of GoPro HERO Mounts
      1. Using the Proper Housing
        1. Use the GoPro Quick Release Buckle and Thumb Screw
      2. Choosing the Best Mount for the Situation
      3. Planning Your Shots and Choosing the Best Equipment
        1. Attaching Mounts to Yourself or Your Equipment
        2. Accessories that Enhance Shot Stability
      4. Overview of GoPro Mounts
        1. Mounts Available from GoPro
        2. Popular Third-Party Mount Options
      5. Finding and Purchasing Mounts and Accessories
    15. 05. Must-Have GoPro Camera Accessories
      1. Using The GoPro Smart Remote
        1. The Anatomy of the Smart Remote
        2. Charge the Smart Remote
        3. Pair Your HERO5 Black Camera with the Smart Remote
        4. Pair Your HERO5 Session Camera with the Smart Remote
        5. Working with the Smart Remote
      2. Using the REMO for Voice Control
      3. Using a Quik Key to Transfer Your Content
      4. Hitting the Road with the Seeker
      5. More Useful GoPro Accessories
        1. The Floaty Won’t Let Your GoPro Sink
    16. 06. Choosing the Best Memory Cards
      1. The Importance of Speed
      2. Storage Capacity
      3. Where to Shop for microSD Memory Cards
      4. Inserting a Memory Card into Your GoPro Camera
        1. Insert a microSD Memory Card in the HERO5 Black
        2. Insert a microSD Memory Card in the HERO5 Session
        3. Format a microSD Memory Card That’s Inserted in the HERO5 Black
    17. 07. Keeping Your Batteries Charged
      1. Estimating Battery Life
      2. Using Compatible HERO5 Black Batteries
      3. Inserting a Battery in Your HERO5 Black
      4. Connecting Any GoPro Camera to an External Power Source
      5. Increasing Battery Life While Shooting
    18. 08. Controlling Your Camera
      1. Analyzing Your Shooting Situation
      2. Choosing How to Control Your Camera
        1. Voice Commands
        2. The Smart Remote
        3. The Capture Mobile App
      3. Preparing to Shoot
      4. Adjusting Your Camera Mode, Shooting Mode, and Related Settings
        1. Work with the HERO5 Black’s Touchscreen
        2. Select Advanced Options on the HERO5 Black
        3. Adjust Settings on the HERO5 Session
      5. Getting Acquainted with Your Camera’s Shooting Modes and Settings
        1. Camera Modes
      6. Understanding Advanced Shooting Features
        1. Aspect Ratio
        2. Auto Low Light
        3. Color
        4. Exposure Control with Auto Exposure
        5. Exposure Control with Locked Exposure
        6. Exposure Value Compensation (EV Comp)
        7. GPS
        8. ISO/ISO Minimum/ISO Maximum
        9. Manual Audio Control
        10. Protune
        11. RAW Audio
        12. RAW Format
        13. Sharpness
        14. Video Stabilization
        15. White Balance
        16. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    19. 09. Shooting High-Resolution Photos
      1. Comparing GoPro Camera Models for Taking Pictures
      2. Working with Protune
        1. Access the Protune Menu Using the HERO5 Black
        2. Adjusting White Balance
        3. Adjusting Color
        4. Adjusting ISO Minimum and ISO Maximum
        5. Adjusting Sharpness
        6. Adjusting EV Comp
      3. Using the QuikCapture Feature
      4. Setting Your HERO5 Black’s Default Mode
      5. Options for Viewing Your Photos
        1. View Your Photos on the HERO5 Black’s Touchscreen
    20. 10. Strategies for Taking Professional-Quality Digital Pictures
      1. Don’t Forget to Prepare
      2. Choose an Interesting Subject
        1. Shoot Action from a First- or Third-Person Perspective
        2. Take Interesting Pictures of People
        3. Capture the Perfect Selfie
        4. Photograph Animals and Pets
        5. Capture a Fast-Moving Subject
        6. Shoot Visually Interesting Objects
        7. Take Vivid Underwater Photos
      3. Set Your Camera to the Best Mode
        1. Using Your Camera’s Time Lapse Photo Option
        2. Taking Advantage of WDR
      4. Use a Viewfinder with Your Camera When Taking Photos
      5. Select the Most Appropriate Mount
        1. Purchase Mounts That Offer the Most Flexibility
      6. Pay Attention to Your Primary Light Source
      7. Use the Rule of Thirds
      8. Consider Your Shooting Angle
      9. Properly Handle Low-Light Situations
      10. Pay Attention to the Surroundings
      11. Edit Your Photos After They’ve Been Shot
    21. 11. Shooting HD Video
      1. The Skill and Art of Videography
      2. Comparison of GoPro Camera Models for Shooting Video
      3. The GoPro HERO5 Black’s Shooting Modes
        1. Video Shooting Mode
        2. Turn On and Customize the Protune and Advanced Features for Video
        3. Video+Photo Shooting Mode
        4. Looping Video Mode
        5. Time Lapse Video
      4. Advanced Video Features
      5. The HiLight Tagging Function
        1. Add HiLights When Previewing Video on the HERO5 Black’s Screen
        2. Create HiLight Tags Using the Capture App or Smart Remote
      6. Working with Protune
        1. Adjusting White Balance
        2. Adjusting Color
        3. Adjusting ISO Limit
        4. Adjusting Shutter Speed
        5. Adjusting Sharpness
        6. Adjusting EV Comp
        7. Adjusting Audio
        8. Additional Options with the Capture Mobile App
      7. Switching Between Shooting Modes
        1. Control the Camera Using the Smart Remote
      8. Stabilizing the Camera
    22. 12. Capturing Sound and Using Artificial Light
      1. Recording High-Quality Sound
        1. Using the Camera’s Built-In Microphone
        2. Connecting an External Microphone
        3. Adding Sound Effects and Music
      2. Achieving Good Lighting
        1. Setting Your Camera’s Lighting Options
        2. Set Exposure Control (HERO5 Black)
        3. Using External Lighting Options
        4. Choosing the Best Continuous Lighting Solution for Your Shooting Situation
    23. 13. Strategies for Shooting Awesome HD Video
      1. Shooting Strategies
        1. Planning Is Essential
        2. Being Prepared
        3. Choosing the Shooting Resolution
        4. Selecting the Best FPS Rate
        5. Deciding Which FOV Option to Use
        6. Planning Your Shots
        7. Using Lighting to Your Advantage
        8. Using Slow and Steady Movement
        9. Marking Your Best Shots
        10. Shoot Plenty of Raw Footage, Then Edit Later
    24. 14. Discovering the GoPro QUIK Desktop Software
      1. Understanding the Video Editor’s Role
      2. Overview of Video Editing
      3. Getting Started with the GoPro QUIK Desktop Software
        1. Download and Install the Software
        2. Import Your Content into the QUIK Desktop Software
        3. Getting to Know the QUIK Desktop Software
        4. Capture a Still Image from a Video
        5. Create a Mini-Video Production in Create Mode
        6. Add GPS Details to Action Scenes
      4. Getting to Know GoPro Studio’s Layout
      5. Transferring Raw Video Content to Your Computer
      6. Editing in GoPro Studio
        1. Using the Editing Tools
        2. Enhancing Flawed Video Footage
        3. Using Sound
      7. Saving, Exporting, and Sharing Your Video Projects
      8. Video-Editing Tips
        1. Focus On Your Intended Audience
        2. Take an Organized Approach to Editing
        3. Use Shots That Will Keep Your Audience’s Attention
        4. Use Titles and Captions to Your Advantage
        5. Don’t Expect Hollywood-Style Results Immediately
    25. 15. Using Mobile Devices with Your GoPro Camera
      1. Getting to Know GoPro’s Mobile App Trio
      2. Installing the Apps on Your Mobile Device
        1. Install on an iPhone or iPad
        2. Install on an Android Device
      3. Pairing the Capture App with Your Camera
        1. Pair the HERO5 Black with Capture
      4. Taking Control of Your Camera Using the Capture App
        1. The Camera Screen
        2. The Media Screen
        3. Transfer Content from the Memory Card to the Mobile Device
        4. The Viewfinder Screen
      5. Overview of the QUIK Mobile App
        1. Edit Videos Using the QUIK Mobile App
      6. Acquainting Yourself with the Splice Mobile App
    26. 16. Getting to Know the GoPro Plus Online Service
      1. Getting to Know GoPro Plus
      2. Setting Up Your GoPro Plus Account
        1. Create a GoPro Plus Account
      3. Using the Auto Upload Feature with Your HERO5 Black Camera
        1. Set Up the Auto Upload Feature
      4. Using GoPro Plus with Your HERO Session or HERO5 Session Camera
      5. Accessing Stored Content from the QUIK Mobile App or QUIK Desktop Software
        1. Access Content from GoPro Plus Using the QUIK Mobile App
        2. Access Content from GoPro Plus Using the QUIK Desktop Software
      6. Accessing GoPro Plus Content from Any Web Browser
    27. 17. Troubleshooting Camera-Related Problems and Overcoming Shooting Challenges
      1. Troubleshooting Camera-Related Problems
        1. The Camera Won’t Turn On
        2. The Camera Is On, But Unresponsive
        3. Reset the Camera to Default Settings
        4. The Touchscreen Does Not Respond
        5. The Camera Won’t Connect with the Capture App or Smart Remote
        6. The HERO5 Black’s Lens Fogs Up in a Super Suit
        7. The Status Screen Says No SD, Full, or SD ERR
        8. The Temperature Icon Is Displayed
        9. Water Spots Have Formed on the Camera’s Lens
        10. Video Playback Is Choppy on the Computer
        11. The Menus Are Different
        12. The Computer Doesn’t Recognize the Camera
        13. The Camera Is Physically Damaged
      2. Overcoming Common Shooting Mistakes
        1. Your Photos or Videos Are Overexposed
        2. Video Is Too Shaky
        3. The Camera Mount Doesn’t Maintain Its Position
        4. When Shooting In Low Light, Photos or Video are Blurry or Underexposed
        5. Too Much Fish-Eye Effect
        6. The Colors Aren’t as Vibrant as They Should Be
        7. The Memory Card Fills Up Too Fast When I’m Shooting
        8. Recover Photos or Video Accidently Deleted from the MicroSD Memory Card
        9. The Memory Card Is Full, but You Want to Keep Shooting
        10. The Audio Is Poor Quality
        11. Wind Noise Is Ruining the Audio
      3. Finding Creative Inspiration
    28. Additional GoPro Resources
      1. Following GoPro on Social Media
      2. Getting Help from GoPro
      3. Keep Track of Your GoPro Information
      4. Getting More with These Resources
        1. Photo-Editing Software
        2. Video-Editing Software
        3. Third-Party Mobile Apps
        4. Special Interest Groups
        5. Free Online Video Tutorials
      5. Creating a Detailed Shot List
        1. GoPro Video Shot List
    29. Index
    30. 18. Taking Flight with the GoPro Karma Drone
      1. What You’ll Need to Take Flight
      2. What It’s Like Being a Karma Pilot
      3. Pay Attention to Laws Governing Drones
      4. GoPro-Compatible Drone Options

    Product information

    • Title: My GoPro HERO®5 Camera
    • Author(s): Jason R. Rich
    • Release date: May 2017
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780134667324