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My Health Technology for Seniors: Take Charge of Your Health Through Technology

Book Description

My Health Technology for Seniors is the first easy guide to today's revolutionary health technologies. Learn to use your computer, smartphone, and other devices to manage your health and get help when you need it. Whether it’s sleep, exercise, diet, heart health, diabetes, or asthma, this book shows you how to stay healthier, happier, and in charge of your life.

With step-by-step instructions, full-color screen shots, and an easy-to-read design, this shows you how to:

• Succeed at eating right and staying fit with help from new technologies that are fun and easy
• Sleep better and manage stress more effectively
• Manage chronic conditions and save money on medications and costly medical procedures
• Transform your smartphone into a powerful glucose monitor, blood pressure monitor, and medication usage tracker for asthma and COPD management
• Track, protect, and improve your heart health
• Use in-home technology to stay safer and prepare for emergencies
• Get valuable advice and support from online communities
• Choose online health resources you can trust
• And much more

Table of Contents

  1. About This E-Book
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. About AARP and AARP TEK
  8. Dedication
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. We Want to Hear from You!
  11. Reader Services
  12. Introduction
  13. 1. Choosing the Right Technology to Support Your Health Goals
    1. Using a Smartphone to Aid in a Healthy Lifestyle
      1. Explore Android Devices
      2. Check Your Version of Android
      3. Choose an Android Phone
      4. Consider an Apple iPhone
      5. Check Your Version of iOS
      6. Keep in Touch with the Jitterbug Touch3
      7. Consider the Snapfōn ezTWO3G
    2. Finding Health Apps for Your Device
      1. Perform a Google Search
      2. Find a Forum
      3. Ask Your Doctor
      4. Browse the Play Store
      5. Use the Gear Manager App
      6. Use the Android Wear App
      7. Browse the App Store
      8. Use the Apple Watch App
      9. Visit a Fitness Tracker’s Website
    3. Exploring Web-Based Solutions
    4. Taking a Look at What Wearables Can Do for You
      1. Decide Between Fitness Trackers
      2. Determine Your Need for a Smartwatch
      3. Consider the Need for a Medical ID
      4. Choose a Pedometer to Track Your Activity
    5. Exploring Technology for Your Household
      1. Smart Bathroom Scales
      2. Talking Measuring Cups and Food Scales
      3. Medicine Adherence
      4. Anti-Scalding Devices
      5. Turn On Lights Remotely
      6. Medical Alert Services
  14. 2. Maintaining a Healthy, Balanced Diet
    1. Knowing Your Body Measurements
      1. Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)
      2. Track Your Body Fat Percentage
    2. Watching Your Weight
      1. Measure Weight with the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale
      2. Monitor Weight with the Weight Gurus Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale
      3. Track Your Weight with the Withings WS-50 Smart Body Analyzer
    3. Watching Your Food Portions
      1. Weigh Food Portions with Digital Scales
      2. Work with Talking Measuring Cups
    4. Tracking Your Daily Hydration
      1. Monitor Fluid Intake with HydraCoach
      2. Monitor Fluid Intake with the Thermos® Connected Hydration Bottle with Smart Lid
    5. Making Better Food Choices
      1. Track Calorie Consumption with the MyFitnessPal App
      2. Learn What’s Really in Your Food with the Fooducate App
      3. Lose Weight with the Lose It! App
    6. Getting Groceries Delivered to Your Door
      1. Explore Peapod Home Delivery
      2. Use Schwan’s Home Delivery Services
      3. Order from AmazonFresh
      4. Consider Instacart Grocery Delivery
    7. Exploring Diet-Specific Resources with Recipes
      1. Explore All Natural, Gourmet Farm-to-Table Deliveries from Blue Ribbon Foods
      2. Receive Special Diet Deliveries from Schwan’s Home Delivery
      3. Consider Diet-Specific Grocery Delivery from Instacart
      4. Eat Better by Planning Your Meals Using Edamam
      5. Get Designer Recipes and Delicious Groceries at PlateJoy
  15. 3. Keeping Active and Fit
    1. Tracking Your Daily Activity
    2. Tracking Steps
      1. Apple Health App
      2. Fitbit
      3. Google Fit
      4. S Health
    3. Tracking Flights of Stairs Climbed
      1. Apple Health App
      2. Garmin vívosmart HR
    4. Monitoring Walking and Running Distance
      1. Apple Health App
      2. Fitbit
      3. Google Fit
      4. S Health
      5. Withings Activité Pop
    5. Tracking Biking Activity
      1. Apple Health App
      2. Fitbit
      3. Google Fit
      4. S Health
    6. Creating a Fitness Plan
    7. Achieving Health and Fitness Goals with More Apps
      1. Get Fit with FitStar Personal Trainer
      2. Access More Than 200 Free Fitness Workouts with Fitnet
      3. Get the Most from Your Workout with Nike+ Training Club
      4. Personalize Your Workout with Sworkit
      5. Maximize Your In-Home Workouts with Wello
      6. Log Activity with MapMyFitness
      7. Improve Your Posture with the Lumo Lift App
    8. Getting to Know High-Tech Canes
      1. Secure Folding Walking Cane
      2. Trusty Cane
  16. 4. Sleeping Better and Managing Stress
    1. Exploring Sleep Monitoring
    2. Forming Consistent Sleep Habits
    3. Tracking Your Sleep with Devices
      1. Track Sleep Patterns with the Withings Activité Pop
      2. Get Insight with the Beddit Sleep Tracker
      3. Focus on Sleep with the Fitbit Flex Band
      4. Monitor How Well and How Long You Sleep
      5. Set a Silent Alarm
      6. Improve Sleep Patterns with the Jawbone UP3 Tracker
      7. Track Your Sleep Patterns
      8. Track Sleep with the Microsoft Band 2
      9. Use the Sleep Tile Function
      10. View Sleep Summaries
    4. Tracking Your Sleep with Apps
      1. Monitor Sleep with the Sleep as Android App
      2. Track Your Sleep Cycle and Use the Smart Alarm Clock
      3. Use SleepBot to Get the Sleep You Need
      4. Improve Your Sleep Quality by Tracking Your Sleep
      5. Customize SleepBot Settings
      6. View and Share Your Stats Online and from Your Phone
      7. Understand Your Sleep with the Sleep Time Smart Alarm Clock App
      8. Set Alarms and Measure Your Nighttime Sleep Movements
    5. Using Apps to Help Relax and Fall Sleep
      1. Use the Ambience App to Pick Relaxing Sounds
      2. Get to Sleep Faster with the Relax Melodies App’s Zen Sounds and Melodies
      3. Make Relaxing Soundscapes with the Sleep Pillow Sounds App
    6. Exploring Meditation Apps
      1. Relax with the Calm App
      2. Find Your Happy Place with the Happier App
      3. Get in Touch with Your Inner Calm with Headspace
      4. Use the Mindfulness Meditation App
      5. Release Stress with the Simply Being App
      6. Break Up a Stressful Day with the Take a Break! App
  17. 5. Staying on Top of Your Medicine
    1. Considering the Med Reminder App
      1. Schedule and Monitor Regimens
    2. Considering Reminder Rosie
      1. Set Up the Date and Time
      2. Set Up Rosie’s Activation Trigger and Create Reminders
      3. Play and Erase Reminders
    3. Receiving Reminders from Pharmacies
    4. Taking the Right Medication at the Right Time at the Right Dose with CleverCap®
      1. Sync Medication Regimens with the CleverCap®
      2. Use Visual, Sound, and Other Alerts for Medication Reminders
      3. Access Medicine Regimen Online Reports
    5. Staying on Top of Your Medications with Medisafe
      1. Set Up Your Virtual Pillbox
    6. Taking Care of Your Medications with the Mango Health App
      1. Create a Medication Regimen
      2. Check for Drug Interactions
    7. Managing Your Medications with PillPack
      1. Sign Up for PillPack
      2. Add Medications and Set Reminders
    8. Staying On Track with Your Daily Medicines Using the MedCoach App
      1. Register and Add Your Medications
      2. Set Up Pill Reminders
      3. Order Refills from Your Pharmacy
  18. 6. Using Social Engagement as Health Support Systems
    1. Joining the AARP Online Community
    2. Exploring Transportation Services for Getting Around Town
      1. Getting a Ride Using Lyft
      2. Getting to Know Uber
    3. Finding Patient Support Communities
      1. Exploring Communities for People with Rare Diseases at Ben’s Friends
      2. Benefiting from the Wisdom of the Experts at CrowdMed
      3. Live Better Together with the PatientsLikeMe Online Community
    4. Focusing on Active Living with HealthyAging.Net
    5. Combating Social Isolation Through Digital Inclusion
      1. Staying Closer and Caring Easier with the Oscar Tablet App
      2. Staying Connected with Friends and Family with the grandPad Tablet
      3. Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family Using grandCARE
  19. 7. Finding Solutions to Manage Specific Conditions
    1. Managing Diabetes
      1. Monitoring Your Glucose Using Apps
    2. Taking a Look at Heart Health Technology
      1. Keeping an Eye on Your Hypertension and Blood Pressure
      2. Choosing the Right Wearable Heart Monitor for You
      3. Investigating Apps for Heart Health on Your Smartphone
    3. Controlling Obesity
      1. Making a Lasting Lifestyle Change at Omada Health
      2. Keeping a Food Journal and Using Fitness and Dietary Apps
    4. Getting Help to Control Your Asthma and COPD
      1. Using Propeller
      2. Using CareTRx
  20. 8. Being Prepared for an Emergency
    1. Understanding the Importance of Medical IDs for Emergencies
      1. Create a Medical ID on Your Android Phone
      2. Create a Medical ID on Your iPhone
      3. Consider the ICE Standard with Smart911 App
    2. Using Apps and GPS Tracking Devices as Safety Measures
      1. Consider GreatCall 5Star Urgent Response
      2. Stay Connected to the People Who Matter with the Life 360 Locator App
      3. Get Assistance with Alzheimer’s with the Comfort Zone Check-In Web Application
    3. Choosing the Right Medical Alert System
      1. Use the Life Alert Service
      2. Use the MobileHelp Medical Alert System
      3. Get to Know the Lively 24/7 Emergency Medical Alert System
      4. Understand the grandCare Monitoring System
    4. Turning On Lights in Your Home Remotely
      1. Control Your Lights with the Clapper
      2. Light the Way with the Automatic Sensor LED Night Light
  21. 9. Connecting with Your Health Care Professionals and Saving Money on Services
    1. Scheduling Doctor Appointments and Finding Doctors
      1. Find Doctors and Dentists, and Book Appointments with the ZocDoc App
      2. Find a Doctor You’ll Love at BetterDoctor
    2. Getting Treatment Online
      1. Get a Doctor by Phone or Video with Teladoc
      2. Get a Diagnosis and Treatment from Direct Dermatology
    3. Accessing Adult Care Resources
      1. Search for Adult Care, Reviews, and Resources
      2. Discover the Adult Care Options Available at Care.com
      3. Find Your Caregiver at CareLinx.com
    4. Preventing Paying Too Much for Health Procedures and Medication
      1. Use Medical Billing Experts at CoPatient to Ensure You’re Not Paying Too Much for Unpaid Bills
      2. Compare Prescription Prices and Get Prescription Coupons at WeRx
    5. Gathering Your Health Information
      1. Organize Your Life with the Digital Component of AARP/ABA Checklist for My Family
  22. Index