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My iPad (Covers iOS 9 for iPad Pro, all models of iPad Air and iPad mini, iPad 3rd/4th generation, and iPad 2), Eighth Edition

Book Description

My iPad, Eighth Edition, helps you quickly get started with your new tablet, and use its features to look up information and perform day-to-day activities from anywhere, any time.

Covers iOS 9 for all models of iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPad 3rd/4th generation, and iPad 2

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPad photos that show you exactly what to do.
Help when you run into iPad problems or limitations.
Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPad.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPad working just the way you want. Learn how to:
• Connect your iPad to your Wi-Fi and your mobile carrier
• Learn how to use the on-screen keyboard, predictive text, and dictation
• Use Control Center to control frequently used settings
• Use Siri to control your iPad or get information by speaking commands
• Use iCloud to keep everything current between all your iOS devices (and even your Mac), including music, photos, messages, documents, and more
• Surf the Web, and send and receive email and messages
• Download and install apps to make your iPad even more useful
• Secure your iPad using Touch ID, passcodes, and other security measures
• Record and edit video using iMovie for iPad
• Take photos, and then edit them using the Photos app
• Use AirDrop and iCloud Drive to share files and information with your other devices
• Use your iPad to take notes, make lists, draw sketches, and create reminders
• Use FaceTime and Skype to stay connected with friends and family
• Use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote to create documents and presentations
• Discover some of the most useful and entertaining apps

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. We Want to Hear from You!
  9. Reader Services
  10. 1. Getting Started
    1. Generations of iPads
      1. Identifying Your iPad
      2. iOS 9
    2. The iPad Buttons and Switches
      1. The Home Button
      2. The Wake/Sleep Button
      3. The Volume Control
      4. The Side Switch
      5. Orientation and Movement
    3. Screen Gestures
      1. Tapping and Touching
      2. Pinching
      3. Dragging and Flicking
      4. Pull Down and Release to Update
      5. Four-Finger Gestures
    4. Learning Your Way Around
      1. The Lock Screen
      2. The Home Screen
      3. An App Screen
      4. Home Screen Searching
    5. Virtual Buttons and Switches
      1. Switches
      2. Toolbars
      3. Menus
      4. Tab Bars
    6. Entering Text
      1. Using the On-Screen Keyboard
      2. Keyboard Modes
      3. Undocking and Splitting the Keyboard
      4. Using the Keyboard Shortcut Bar New!
      5. Using Predictive Text
      6. Dictating Text
      7. Editing Text
      8. Copy and Paste
    7. Talking to Your iPad with Siri
      1. Asking Siri Questions
    8. Using Notifications and Control Center
      1. Open Notifications Center
      2. Open Control Center
  11. 2. Customizing Your iPad
    1. Changing Your Wallpaper
    2. Setting Alert Sounds
    3. Password Protecting Your iPad
      1. Make Access Easier with Touch ID
    4. Setting Side Switch Functionality
    5. Setting Your Date and Time
    6. Modifying Keyboard Settings
    7. Do Not Disturb Settings
    8. Setting Parental Restrictions
    9. Making Text Easier to Read
    10. Controlling Automatic Downloads
    11. Other Useful Settings
  12. 3. Networking and Syncing
    1. Setting Up Your Wi-Fi Network Connection
    2. Setting Up Your Cellular Data Connection
    3. Syncing with iCloud
      1. Connecting to iCloud
    4. Syncing with iTunes
      1. Syncing Options
      2. Syncing Music
      3. Syncing Photos
      4. Syncing Everything Else
    5. Sharing with AirDrop
      1. Using AirDrop
    6. Viewing Your Mac’s Files with iCloud Drive New!
      1. Accessing Your Files
  13. 4. Playing Music and Video
    1. Playing a Song
    2. Building a Playlist
      1. Creating Playlists
    3. Making iTunes Purchases
      1. Buying on Your iPad
    4. Sharing Purchases with Your Family
      1. Setting Up Family Sharing
    5. Having It All with Apple Music New!
      1. Signing Up for Apple Music
      2. Using Apple Music
    6. Listening to Podcasts
      1. Subscribing to Podcasts
    7. Playing Video
    8. Using AirPlay to Play Music and Video on Other Devices
      1. Accessing AirPlay
    9. Home Sharing
    10. Listening to iTunes Radio
      1. Selecting a Station
  14. 5. Reading Books
    1. Buying a Book from Apple
    2. Reading a Book
    3. Using Reading Aids
    4. Adding Notes and Highlights
    5. Adding Bookmarks
    6. Organizing Your Books
    7. Using iBooks Alternatives
  15. 6. Organizing Your Life
    1. Using the Contacts App
      1. Adding a Contact
    2. Searching for a Contact
    3. Working with Contacts
    4. Using the Calendar App
      1. Creating a Calendar Event
    5. Using Calendar Views
      1. Exploring Day View
      2. Exploring Week View
      3. Exploring Month View
    6. Creating a Calendar
    7. Using the Notes App
      1. Creating a Note
      2. Creating Checklists in Notes New!
      3. Adding Photos and Sketches to Notes New!
    8. Using the Reminders App
      1. Setting a Reminder
    9. Using the Clocks App
      1. Setting Clock Alarms
  16. 7. Surfing the Web
    1. Getting Started with Safari
      1. Browsing to a URL and Searching
      2. Viewing Web Pages
      3. Opening Multiple Web Pages with Tabs
      4. Viewing Articles with Safari Reader
    2. Bookmarks, History, and Reading List
      1. Using Bookmarks and Favorites
      2. Using History
      3. Deleting Your Bookmarks
      4. Creating Home Screen Bookmarks
      5. Building a Reading List
    3. Working with Web Forms
      1. Filling in Web Forms
      2. Saving Time with AutoFill
      3. Setting Up AutoFill
      4. Using AutoFill
  17. 8. Communicating with Email and Messaging
    1. Configuring Your iPad for Email
      1. Set Up Your Email Account
    2. Reading Your Email
    3. Composing a New Message
    4. Deleting and Moving Messages
    5. Searching Email
    6. Customizing Your Email
      1. Configuring How You Receive Email
      2. Creating a Signature
      3. More Email Settings
    7. Working with Messaging
      1. Setting up Messaging
      2. Conversing with Messages
  18. 9. Taking and Editing Photos
    1. Working with Photos
      1. Taking Photos
      2. Editing and Adjusting Photos
      3. Taking Panoramic Photos
      4. Using Photo Booth
    2. Photo Sources
      1. Browsing Your Photos
      2. Viewing Your Photos
      3. Sharing Your Photos
    3. Working with Albums
      1. Viewing Albums
      2. Creating Albums
    4. Creating a Slideshow
    5. Capturing the Screen
  19. 10. Recording Video
    1. Shooting Video
    2. Trimming Video Clips
    3. Editing in iMovie
      1. Editing Transitions
      2. Adding Photos to Your Video
      3. Adding Video Titles
    4. Making Video Calls with FaceTime
      1. Setting Up FaceTime
      2. Placing Video Calls with FaceTime
      3. Receiving Video Calls with FaceTime
  20. 11. Writing with Pages
    1. Creating a New Document
    2. Styling and Formatting Text
    3. Creating Lists
    4. Inserting Images
    5. Document Setup
    6. Sharing and Printing Documents
  21. 12. Spreadsheets with Numbers
    1. Creating a New Spreadsheet
    2. Calculating Totals and Averages
    3. Styling Tables and Cells
    4. Creating Forms
    5. Using Multiple Tables
    6. Creating Charts
  22. 13. Presentations with Keynote
    1. Building a Simple Presentation
    2. Building Your Own Slide
    3. Adding Transitions
      1. Magic Move
      2. Object Transitions
    4. Organizing Slides
    5. Playing Your Presentation
  23. 14. Navigating with Maps
    1. Finding a Location
    2. Searching for Places and Things
    3. Getting Directions
    4. Using Views
      1. Using Satellite View
      2. Using 3D View
    5. Getting Traffic Reports
  24. 15. The World of Apps
    1. Purchasing an App
    2. Organizing Apps on Your iPad
      1. Arranging Apps on the Home Screen
      2. Creating App Folders
    3. Working with Apps
      1. Viewing Currently Running Apps
      2. Quitting Apps
      3. Viewing a Second App with Slide Over New!
      4. Interacting with Two Apps at Once with Split View New!
      5. Viewing Video with Picture-In-Picture New!
    4. Finding Good Apps
    5. Using iPhone/iPod touch Apps
    6. Getting Help with Apps
    7. Monitoring and Managing Your Apps
      1. Viewing App Storage Information
      2. Viewing Battery Usage
      3. Viewing Location Usage
      4. Viewing Information Sharing Permissions
      5. Modifying Notifications Settings
  25. 16. Must-Have Apps
    1. Connecting with Friends on Facebook
    2. Reading the News New!
    3. Reading and Collecting Documents
    4. Adding a Dictionary
    5. Making Phone Calls with Skype
    6. Creating Multimedia Cloud Notes with Evernote
    7. Handwriting Notes with WritePad
    8. Sketching Ideas with Paper
    9. Adding a Calculator with PCalc Lite
    10. Finding Recipes with Epicurious
    11. Checking the Weather
    12. Learning New Things with iTunes U
    13. Other Useful Apps
  26. 17. Games and Entertainment
    1. Composing Music with GarageBand
    2. Watching Videos with YouTube
    3. Watching Movies and TV Shows with Netflix
    4. Using Game Center
    5. iPad Games and Entertainment
      1. Kingdom Rush
      2. Blockheads
      3. Machinarium
      4. Where’s My Water
      5. Cut the Rope
      6. Harbor Master HD
      7. Angry Birds HD
      8. Plants vs. Zombies HD
      9. Scrabble for iPad
      10. Temple Run 2
      11. The Room
      12. Gold Strike
      13. Just Mah Jongg Solitaire
  27. 18. iPad Accessories
    1. Printing from Your iPad
      1. Printing from the Notes App
    2. AirPlay Mirroring with Apple TV
      1. Setting Up AirPlay
    3. Video Output Adapters
    4. Using Wireless Keyboards
    5. Importing Photos with an SD Card and USB Adapters
    6. Charging Your iPad with Power Accessories
    7. Listening with EarPods
    8. Protecting Your iPad
      1. iPad Smart Cover and Smart Case
      2. Protective Covers
      3. Protective Cases
    9. iPad Pro Accessories New!
      1. Apple Pencil
      2. Smart Keyboard
  28. 19. Maintaining Your iPad and Solving Problems
    1. Getting Help on Your iPad
      1. Using the Tips App
      2. Getting Help Inside Apps
    2. Getting Help from Apple
      1. Visiting the Genius Bar
      2. Making Appointments
      3. Asking a Question Online
    3. Keeping Your iPad Up-To-Date
      1. Updating iOS
      2. Updating Apps
    4. Securing Your iPad
      1. Basic Security Measures
      2. Using Find My iPad
      3. Setting Up Find My iPad
      4. Locating a Lost iPad
  29. Index