My iPhone™, Third Edition

Book description

Step-by-step instructions with callouts to iPhone images that show you exactly what to do.

Help when you run into iPhone problems or limitations.

Tips and Notes to help you get the most from your iPhone.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through getting and keeping your iPhone working just the way you want. The tasks include:

      • How to connect to the Internet, Bluetooth devices, Wi-Fi networks, and other iPhones and iPods

      • How to configure and sync your information, and efficiently manage contacts, calls, email, calendars, and events

      • How to use the iPhone’s texting capabilities

      • How to make the most of the iPhone’s powerful Safari web browser

      • How to listen to music, subscribe to podcasts, and watch video­–including movies and TV shows

      • How to display slideshows, create wallpaper, email photos, and link photos to contacts

      • How to customize settings ranging from wallpaper to ringtones

      • How to secure your iPhone with Find My iPhone

      • How to find, download, install, manage, and use iPhone applications

BONUS MATERIAL: Find additional tasks and other helpful information on this book’s website at

CATEGORY:  Apple Digital Media

COVERS:  Apple iPhone

USER LEVEL:  Beginning-Intermediate

BONUS MATERIAL: Find additional tasks and other helpful information on this book’s website at

Table of contents

  1. My iPhone™, Third Edition
    1. About the Author
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. We Want to Hear from You!
    4. Reader Services
    5. 1. Getting Started with Your iPhone
        1. Touring Your iPhone
          1. Getting to Know the iPhone’s External Features
          2. Knowing Why It’s Called a Multi-Touch Interface
            1. Going Home
            2. Touching the iPhone’s Screen
            3. Typing on an iPhone
            4. Using the Home Screens
            5. Monitoring the iPhone’s Status
            6. Sleeping/Locking and Waking/Unlocking
            7. Shutting Down and Restarting an iPhone
        2. Preparing iTunes
          1. Downloading and Installing iTunes on a Windows PC
          2. Updating iTunes
          3. Using an iTunes Store Account
        3. Preparing MobileMe
          1. Obtaining a MobileMe Account
          2. Configuring MobileMe on a Windows PC
          3. Configuring MobileMe on a Mac
          4. Managing MobileMe Syncs
            1. Syncing for the First Time
            2. Managing Sync Alerts
        4. Using This Book
    6. 2. Connecting to the Internet, Bluetooth Devices, and iPhones/iPods
        1. Connecting an iPhone to the Internet
          1. Connecting to an Open Wi-Fi Network
          2. Connecting to a Commercial Wi-Fi Network
          3. Connecting to a Closed Wi-Fi Network
          4. Changing Networks
          5. Forgetting Wi-Fi Networks
          6. Connecting to the Internet via a Cellular Data Network
          7. Step-by-Step
        2. Connecting to Other Devices Using Bluetooth
          1. Step-by-Step
        3. Connecting to Other iPhones and iPod touches
          1. Using an Application with Peer-to-Peer Networking by Default
          2. Configuring an Application to Use Peer-to-Peer Networking
    7. 3. Moving Audio, Video, and Photos onto Your iPhone
        1. Using iTunes to Add Audio and Video Content to the iPhone
          1. Importing Audio CDs to the iTunes Library
          2. Purchasing Audio and Video from the iTunes Store
          3. Renting Movies from the iTunes Store
          4. Subscribing to Podcasts in the iTunes Store
          5. Building Music Playlists
          6. Building Smart Playlists
          7. Moving Audio and Video from the iTunes Library onto an iPhone
        2. Using iTunes to Add Photos to Your iPhone
          1. Moving Photos from a Windows PC onto iPhone
          2. Moving Photos from a Mac to iPhone
        3. Using the iTunes iPhone Application to Add Content to an iPhone
          1. Step-by-Step
    8. 4. Configuring and Synchronizing Information on an iPhone
        1. Syncing Information with iTunes
          1. Using iTunes to Sync Information on Macs
          2. Using iTunes to Sync Information on Windows
        2. Syncing Information with MobileMe
          1. Step-by-Step
    9. 5. Managing Contacts
        1. Configuring How Contacts Are Displayed on an iPhone
          1. Step-by-Step
        2. Creating New Contacts While Using an iPhone
          1. Creating a Contact from a Recent Call
          2. Creating a Contact from an Email
          3. Creating Contacts on an iPhone Manually
        3. Using Contacts on an iPhone
          1. Using the Contacts Application
          2. Using Contacts Information in Other Applications
        4. Changing or Deleting Contacts
          1. Changing, Adding, or Removing Information for an Existing Contact Manually
          2. Adding Information to an Existing Contact While Using Your iPhone
          3. Deleting Contacts Manually
    10. 6. Making, Receiving, and Managing Calls
        1. Configuring Phone Settings
          1. Creating Your Own Ringtones
            1. Creating a Ringtone in iTunes
          2. Step-by-Step
            1. Moving Ringtones onto Your iPhone
          3. Setting Phone Sounds
          4. Configuring Phone Settings
          5. Other Phone Settings
        2. Making Calls
          1. Dialing with the Keypad
          2. Dialing with Contacts
          3. Dialing with Favorites
          4. Dialing with Recents
          5. Managing In-Process Calls
            1. Entering Numbers During a Call
            2. Making Conference Calls
        3. Receiving Calls
          1. Answering Calls
          2. Answering Calls When You’re Already on a Call
        4. Managing Calls
          1. Clearing Recent Calls
          2. Adding Caller Information to Favorites
          3. Using iPhone’s Headset for Calls
          4. Using Voice Control (iPhone 3GS Only)
        5. Using Visual Voicemail
          1. Recording a Greeting
          2. Listening to and Managing Voicemails
            1. Finding and Listening to Voicemails
            2. Deleting Voicemails
            3. Listening to and Managing Deleted Voicemails
            4. Returning Calls
            5. Changing Your Voicemail Password
    11. 7. Emailing
        1. Configuring Email Accounts on an iPhone
          1. Configuring Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, or AOL Email Accounts on an iPhone Manually
          2. Configuring Exchange Email Accounts on an iPhone Manually
          3. Step-by-Step
          4. Performing Advanced Configuration of Email Accounts on an iPhone
        2. Configuring General Email Settings
          1. Configuring How Email Is Retrieved
          2. Step-by-Step
          3. Configuring Global Email Settings
        3. Working with Email
          1. Receiving and Reading Email
          2. Sending Email
          3. Replying to Email
          4. Forwarding Email
          5. Managing Email
            1. Checking for New Messages
            2. Determining the Status of Messages
            3. Deleting Email from the Inbox
            4. Organizing Email from the Message Screen
            5. Organizing Email from the Inbox
            6. Viewing Messages in a Folder
            7. Saving an Image Attached to a Message
            8. Searching Email
    12. 8. Texting
        1. Configuring the New Text Message Sound
        2. Configuring Messaging Preferences
        3. Sending Text Messages
        4. Receiving and Replying to Text Messages
        5. Working with Text Messages
          1. Conversing in Text
          2. Including Images in Text Conversations
          3. Deleting Messages
          4. Deleting a Conversation
    13. 9. Managing Calendars and Time
        1. Configuring an iPhone’s Calendar, Date, and Time Settings
          1. Step-by-Step
        2. Working with Calendars
          1. Viewing Calendars
          2. Adding Events to a Calendar Manually
          3. Adding Events to the Calendar by Accepting Invitations
          4. Step-by-Step
          5. Working with Event Alarms
        3. Using an iPhone as a Clock
          1. Telling Time with an iPhone
          2. Using the Clock Application
            1. Creating, Configuring, and Using Clocks
            2. Setting and Using Alarms
            3. Changing Alarms
            4. Managing Alarms
    14. 10. Surfing the Web
        1. Configuring Safari Settings
        2. Browsing the Web on an iPhone
          1. Moving to Websites via Bookmarks
          2. Moving to Websites by Typing a URL
          3. Viewing Websites
          4. Searching the Web
          5. Returning to Previous Websites
          6. Saving and Organizing Bookmarks
            1. Saving Bookmarks
            2. Organizing Bookmarks
            3. Deleting Bookmarks or Folders
          7. Creating a Bookmark on the Home Screen
          8. Emailing a Link to a Webpage
          9. Completing Web Forms
            1. Completing Forms Manually
            2. Completing Forms with AutoFill
          10. Signing In Automatically
          11. Opening and Managing Multiple Webpages at the Same Time
    15. 11. Listening to Music, Podcasts, and Other Audio
        1. Finding and Listening to Music
          1. Using the Cover Flow Browser to Find and Play Music
          2. Using Playlists to Find Music
          3. Using Artists to Find Music
          4. Using the Songs Tool to Find Music
          5. Using Albums to Find Music
          6. Using the More Menu to Find Music
          7. Searching for Music
          8. Using the Genius to Find Music
            1. Creating a Genius Playlist Based on the Current Song
            2. Creating a Genius Playlist By Selecting a Song
            3. Refreshing a Genius Playlist
          9. Finding Music by Shuffling
            1. Shuffling with the Shuffle Option
            2. Shuffling by Shaking
          10. Finding Music by Speaking (iPhone 3GS only)
          11. Playing Music
        2. Controlling Audio Content with the iPod Control Bar
          1. Configure the iPod Control Bar
          2. Use the iPod Control Bar
        3. Finding and Listening to Podcasts
          1. Step-by-Step
        4. Customizing Your iPhone for Music
          1. Building and Editing an On-The-Go Playlist
            1. Creating and Listening to an On-The-Go Playlist
            2. Changing an On-The-Go Playlist
          2. Configuring the iPhone’s Music Toolbar
          3. Configuring the iPhone’s Music Settings
    16. 12. Watching Movies, TV Shows, and Other Video
        1. Finding and Watching Video
          1. Finding Video
          2. Watching Video
          3. Watching Rented Movies
          4. Watching Video Podcasts
          5. Deleting Video
        2. Configuring iPhone’s Video Settings
          1. Step-by-Step
    17. 13. Working with Photos and Video
        1. Taking Photos with Your iPhone
        2. Taking Video with an iPhone 3GS
        3. Viewing and Working with Photos on an iPhone
          1. Viewing Photos Individually
          2. Viewing Photos as a Slideshow
          3. Configure Slideshow Settings
            1. Watching Slideshows
          4. Deleting Photos or Video from an iPhone
          5. Emailing a Photo
          6. Texting a Photo
          7. Sending a Photo to MobileMe
          8. Assigning a Photo to a Contact
          9. Sharing Photos
        4. Viewing, Editing, and Working with Video on an iPhone 3GS
          1. Watching Video
          2. Editing Video
          3. Sharing Video
        5. Moving Photos from Your iPhone to a Computer
          1. Moving Photos from iPhone to a Windows PC
          2. Moving Photos from iPhone to a Mac
    18. 14. Using Preinstalled Applications
        1. Finding Your Way with Maps
          1. Finding a Location by Searching
          2. Finding a Location with Bookmarks
            1. Deleting or Changing Bookmarks
          3. Finding Your Current Location
          4. Working with Maps
          5. Getting Directions
        2. Understanding Other Preinstalled iPhone Applications
    19. 15. Installing and Maintaining iPhone Applications
        1. Using iTunes to Find and Install iPhone Applications
          1. Downloading Applications from the iTunes Store
          2. Moving Applications from Your iTunes Library onto iPhone
        2. Using the App Store to Find and Install iPhone Applications
          1. Step-by-Step
        3. Using iPhone Applications You Install
        4. Maintaining iPhone Applications
          1. Step-by-Step
    20. 16. Customizing an iPhone
        1. Customizing Your Home Screens
          1. Step-by-Step
        2. Accessing iPhone Settings
        3. Using Airplane Mode
          1. Configuring General Sound Settings
          2. Setting Screen Brightness
          3. Setting Wallpaper
        4. Configuring Other General Settings
          1. Getting Information about an iPhone
          2. Securing Your iPhone
            1. Securing Your iPhone with General Settings
            2. Securing Your iPhone with Find My iPhone
          3. Configuring the Home Button and Search Options
          4. Configuring the Keyboard
          5. Setting International Options
    21. 17. Maintaining an iPhone and Solving Problems
        1. Maintaining an iPhone
          1. Maintaining iTunes
            1. Maintaining iTunes on Windows PCs
            2. Maintaining iTunes on Macs
          2. Maintaining an iPhone’s Software
          3. Maintaining an iPhone’s Power
          4. Cleaning an iPhone’s Screen
        2. Solving iPhone Problems
          1. Restarting an iPhone
          2. Restarting the Computer and iTunes
          3. Resetting an iPhone
          4. Restoring an iPhone
          5. Reinstalling iTunes
          6. Getting Help with iPhone Problems

Product information

  • Title: My iPhone™, Third Edition
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2009
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780768692099