My MacBook®

Book Description

Lightweight, friendly, thorough, and completely up-to-date, My MacBook 2/e is the must-have companion for every MacBook user. Long-time Mac expert John Ray walks MacBook users through every task they'll need to perform -- from connecting to networks and the Internet to finding entertainment on the go, troubleshooting problems to maintaining security. Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost of confused. Drawing on 25 years of Mac experience, Ray presents scores of helpful tips and tidbits - as well as "It's Not All Good" sidebars that identify bugs or issues readers may encounter, and offer quick, effective solutions. With My MacBook 2/e, there's no wading through paragraphs of theory to get usable answers - and you don't have to sift through beginner-level computing skills to find the sophisticated information you really need. Everything's clearly organized to help you get up-and-running in no time, and keep your MacBooks working exactly the way you want. The only visual guide to the MacBook written from the ground up for the new Mac OS X operating system, My MacBook 2/e reflects the tasks today's Mac users want to perform, and the problems today's Mac users need to solve.

Product Information

  • Title: My MacBook®
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2011
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780132811125