My New iPad 2

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The iPad is cute, lovable, fun to play with, and a bit mysterious. This new edition of the best-selling My New iPad removes the mystery, showing every user how to get the most from their new iPad. A simple, patient, and complete guide to the iPad, My New iPad 2 shows readers, step-by-step, how to surf the Internet, send email, listen to music, take notes, read ebooks, play with photos, and much more. Wallace Wang, bestselling author of My New Mac and My New iPhone, walks readers through the iPad's many useful features, like using the Maps app and compass; shopping on iTunes and the iBook Store; customizing the iPad's appearance; setting parental controls and privacy; editing Office documents; and getting organized with the Notes, Calendar, and Contacts apps. This revised edition covers all new iPad 2 and iOS 4.3 features, including FaceTime video messaging, streaming music, movies, and TV across a network, the iPad's new camera, the best new iPad apps, and more.

Table of contents

  1. My New™ iPad 2
    1. Praise for the My New™ series
      1. Praise for My New™ iPad
      2. Praise for My New™ Mac
    2. Acknowledgments
    3. Introduction
      1. How This Book Is Organized
    4. I. Basic Training
      1. 1. Turning Your iPad On and Off
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Turning On Your iPad
        3. Turning Off Your iPad
        4. Putting Your iPad to Sleep
        5. Putting Your iPad to Sleep Automatically
        6. Waking Up Your iPad from Sleep Mode
        7. Turning Airplane Mode On and Off (3G iPad Models Only)
        8. Additional Ideas for Turning Your iPad On and Off
      2. 2. Charging and Conserving Battery Power
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Recharging an iPad
        3. Turning Off Push Accounts
        4. Turning Off Location Services
        5. Monitoring Battery Life
        6. Turning Off Bluetooth
        7. Additional Ideas for Conserving Power
      3. 3. Using Your iPad’s Physical and Virtual Controls
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Viewing the Home Screen
        3. Adjusting the Volume
        4. Multitasking with the Home Button
        5. Configuring the Silent/Screen Rotation Lock Switch
        6. Muting the Volume or Locking the Screen Rotation Without the Side Switch
        7. Adjusting the Screen Brightness
        8. Additional Ideas for Controlling Your iPad
      4. 4. Controlling the iPad User Interface
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Using the Multi-Touch Screen
          1. Using the Select Command
          2. Using the Scroll Command
          3. Using the Zoom Command
        3. Additional Ideas for Controlling Your iPad
      5. 5. Using and Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Displaying Different Virtual Keyboards
        3. Typing on a Virtual Keyboard
          1. Typing Text
          2. Moving the Cursor
        4. Selecting, Copying, and Cutting Text
          1. Selecting a Single Word
          2. Selecting Part of Your Text
          3. Pasting Text
        5. Spellchecking
        6. Customizing the Virtual Keyboard
        7. Turning Off Audible Keyboard Clicks
        8. Typing Foreign Characters
        9. Additional Ideas for Using the Virtual Keyboard
    5. II. Making the Most of Your iPad
      1. 6. Customizing the Home Screen
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Rearranging Icons on the Home Screen
          1. Rearranging Icons on the iPad
          2. Rearranging Icons Through iTunes
          3. Rearranging Icons into Folders
          4. Taking Icons out of a Folder
        3. Putting Apps on the Dock
          1. Adding App Icons to the Dock
          2. Taking App Icons off the Dock
        4. Modifying the Wallpaper
          1. Adjusting the Wallpaper Brightness
          2. Changing the Wallpaper
        5. Additional Ideas for Customizing Your Home Screen
      2. 7. Using Parental Controls
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Blocking iPad Features
        3. Filtering Content
        4. Disabling Restrictions
        5. Additional Ideas for Using Restrictions on Your iPad
      3. 8. Protecting Your Privacy
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Setting (or Removing) a Passcode
          1. Setting a Passcode
          2. Changing or Removing a Passcode
        3. Defining When to Ask for a Passcode
        4. Erasing Data After 10 Incorrect Passcodes
        5. Additional Ideas for Protecting Your iPad
      4. 9. Setting Up an Internet Connection
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Setting Up a Wi-Fi Connection
        3. Forgetting a Wi-Fi Network
        4. Connecting to a 3G Cellular Network
        5. Canceling (or Switching) a Cellular Data Plan
        6. Additional Ideas for Connecting to the Internet
      5. 10. Installing (and Uninstalling) Apps
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Finding Apps on Your iPad
        3. Installing an App
        4. Finding Apps in iTunes
        5. Updating Apps on the iPad
        6. Deleting Apps from the iPad
          1. Deleting an App from the iPad
          2. Deleting an App Using iTunes
        7. Running iPhone Apps on the iPad
        8. Additional Ideas for Installing and Uninstalling Apps
    6. III. Getting on the Internet
      1. 11. Browsing with Safari
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Navigating Safari
        3. Searching in Safari
        4. Opening Multiple Web Pages
          1. Opening a Blank Web Page
          2. Opening a Link in Another Web Page
        5. Emailing a Web Page Link
        6. Copying a Graphic Image from a Web Page
        7. Printing a Web Page
        8. Additional Ideas for Browsing the Internet
      2. 12. Using Bookmarks with Safari
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Using the History Window
          1. Revisiting a Website Stored in the History Window
          2. Clearing the History Window
        3. Adding and Managing Bookmarks
          1. Adding a Bookmark to the Bookmarks Window or Bookmarks Bar
          2. Showing (or Hiding) the Bookmarks Bar
          3. Deleting and Rearranging Your Bookmarks
        4. Saving a Website as a Home Screen Icon
        5. Creating Folders in the Bookmarks Window
        6. Additional Ideas for Bookmarking Favorite Websites
      3. 13. Setting Up an Email Account
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Setting Up an Email Account Automatically
        3. Setting Up an Email Account Manually
        4. Customizing Mail Accounts
        5. Additional Ideas for Setting Up and Customizing Email Accounts
      4. 14. Sending and Reading Email
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Reading Email
        3. Moving a Message to a Folder
          1. Moving a Single Message
          2. Moving (or Deleting) Messages
        4. Replying to, Forwarding, or Printing an Email Message
          1. Replying to a Message
          2. Forwarding a Message
          3. Printing a Message
        5. Writing a New Message
        6. Deleting Messages
        7. Searching Email
        8. Viewing Multiple Email Accounts
        9. Additional Ideas for Reading, Writing, and Organizing Messages
    7. IV. Video, Music, Photos, and Ebooks
      1. 15. Transferring Songs, Videos, and Other Stuff to Your iPad
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Importing Files to iTunes on Your Computer
        3. Transferring Music to Your iPad
        4. Synchronizing Podcasts
        5. Transferring Movies and TV Shows to Your iPad
        6. Synchronizing Photos
        7. Importing Ebooks into Your iPad
          1. Importing Ebooks and Audiobooks into iTunes
          2. Transferring Ebooks and Audiobooks from iTunes to Your iPad
          3. Converting Files to EPUB Format
        8. Synchronizing Contacts
        9. Synchronizing Appointments
        10. Synchronizing Mail, Notes, and Bookmarks
        11. Additional Ideas for Syncing Data
      2. 16. Shopping on iTunes and the iBookstore
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Shopping for Music, Movies, TV Shows, and Audiobooks
        3. Shopping for iBooks
        4. Additional Ideas for Shopping Online
      3. 17. Listening to Music and Other Audio Files
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Playing a Song in Different iPod Modes
        3. Choosing a Song
        4. Controlling Your Music
        5. Finding a Podcast, Audiobook, or iTunes U Course
        6. Searching for Any Audio File
        7. Additional Ideas for Listening to Audio Files
      4. 18. Watching Videos
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Choosing a Video File
        3. Viewing a Video File
        4. Choosing a YouTube Video
        5. Viewing a YouTube Video
        6. Searching for a YouTube Video
        7. Additional Ideas for Watching Videos
      5. 19. Reading Ebooks
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Opening (and Closing) an Ebook
        3. Turning the Pages of an Ebook
          1. Turning One Page at a Time
          2. Jumping to Specific Chapters
          3. Jumping to Any Page in an Ebook
          4. Jumping to Any Page in a PDF File
        4. Searching for Text
        5. Using Bookmarks
          1. Creating a Bookmark
          2. Jumping to and Deleting a Bookmark
        6. Making Ebooks Easier to Read
        7. Additional Ideas for Reading Ebooks
      6. 20. Photos, Videos, and FaceTime
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Taking Pictures
        3. Using Photo Booth
        4. Setting Up FaceTime
        5. Making a FaceTime Call
        6. Additional Ideas for Using the iPad’s Cameras
      7. 21. Viewing, Using, and Sharing Photographs
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Viewing Pictures
        3. Navigating Through Pictures
        4. Creating a Slideshow
          1. Making a Slideshow Within the Photos App
          2. Turning Your iPad into an Electronic Picture Frame
        5. Sending Pictures by Email
          1. Sending a Single Picture by Email
          2. Sending Multiple Pictures by Email
        6. Assigning a Picture to a Contact
        7. Viewing and Trimming Videos
        8. Additional Ideas for Using Your Pictures
    8. V. Organizing Yourself
      1. 22. Jotting Down Notes
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Typing a Note
        3. Creating New Notes
        4. Navigating Through Your Notes
        5. Sending a Note by Email
        6. Deleting a Note
        7. Additional Ideas for Typing Notes
      2. 23. Keeping Contact Information
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Viewing Contact Information
        3. Adding a New Contact
        4. Editing (or Deleting) a Contact
        5. Sending Contact Information by Email
        6. Sending Email to a Contact
        7. Getting Directions to a Contact
        8. Additional Ideas for Using Contacts
      3. 24. Using the Calendar
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Understanding Calendar Views
        3. Setting an Appointment
        4. Editing (or Deleting) an Appointment
        5. Searching for an Appointment
        6. Viewing and Managing Multiple Calendars
        7. Additional Ideas for Using Calendars
      4. 25. Using Maps
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Viewing a Map
        3. Changing the Appearance of a Map
        4. Finding Your Current Location
        5. Using the Compass
        6. Finding Places on a Map
          1. Searching for an Address
          2. Searching for Types of Places
        7. Bookmarking Favorite Locations
          1. Saving or Sharing a Location
          2. Placing Your Own Bookmark
          3. Finding an Address with Bookmarks and Contacts
        8. Getting Directions
          1. Getting Directions to a Specific Address
          2. Getting Directions for an Address Stored in the Contacts App
          3. Getting Directions from the Information Icon
        9. Additional Ideas for Finding Places and Getting Directions with Maps
      5. 26. Searching Your iPad with Spotlight
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Searching with Spotlight
        3. Customizing Spotlight
        4. Additional Ideas for Searching with Spotlight
    9. VI. Additional Tips
      1. 27. Making Your iPad Accessible
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Improving the Visual Quality of the Screen
        3. Turning On VoiceOver
        4. Turning On Closed Captioning and Mono Audio
        5. Turning Accessibility Features On and Off Rapidly
        6. Additional Ideas for Making Your iPad Accessible
      2. 28. Using Foreign Languages
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Switching the iPad’s Default Language
        3. Defining a Foreign-Language Virtual Keyboard
        4. Using a Foreign-Language Virtual Keyboard
        5. Additional Ideas for Using Foreign Languages on Your iPad
      3. 29. The Best iPad Apps
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. Office Productivity Apps
          1. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote
          2. Documents To Go and QuickOffice
          3. Bento and FileMaker Go
          4. Evernote, Simplenote, AudioNote, and PaperDesk
          5. Offline Pages
          6. PCalc Lite
          7. Air Display
        3. News and Information
          1. ABC News, AP News, BBC News, Fox News, NPR News, and Reuters News Pro
          2. The Weather Channel
          3. Bloomberg for the iPad and NASDAQ QFolio
        4. Painting and Drawing Apps
          1. SketchBook Pro
          2. Doodle Buddy
          3. Adobe Photoshop Express
        5. Entertainment Apps
          1. iBooks, Kindle, and NOOK
          2. Netflix
          3. ABC Player
          4. JamPad and Virtuoso
          5. Remote
          6. Pandora
          7. iMovie and GarageBand
          8. Flipboard
          9. Games
        6. Additional Ideas for Using Apps
      4. 30. Troubleshooting Your iPad
        1. What You’ll Be Using
        2. An App Is Frozen
        3. Your iPad Runs Sluggishly or Freezes
        4. iTunes Won’t Recognize Your iPad
        5. Your iPad Cannot Access the Internet
        6. Restoring Your iPad
          1. Restoring from a Backup
          2. Encrypting Your Backup
          3. Deleting a Backup
        7. Resetting Everything
          1. Saving Your Data While Resetting the iPad
          2. Resetting and Erasing Your iPad
          3. Resetting the Keyboard Dictionary
        8. Resetting Location Services
        9. Finding a Stolen or Lost iPad
          1. Turning On the Tracking Feature
          2. Locating a Lost iPad
        10. Additional Ideas for Troubleshooting Your iPad
    10. Index
    11. About the Author

Product information

  • Title: My New iPad 2
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: May 2011
  • Publisher(s): No Starch Press
  • ISBN: 9781593273866