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My Pages® (for Mac)

Book Description

Step-by-stepinstructions with callouts to Pages images that show you exactly what to do.

Helpwhen you run into Pages problems or limitations.

Tips and Notesto help you get the most from Pages on your Mac.

Full-color, step-by-step tasks walk you through creating and editing word processing and page layout documents in Pages. The tasks include how to:

      •           Use writing tools to create word processing documents

      •           Use fonts, text styles, and paragraph formatting

      •           Build documents with text, images, and design elements

      •           Create lists, tables, and outlines

      •           Add charts and graphs to your documents

      •           Add a table of contents, headers, footers, and footnotes

      •           Merge addresses and data with documents

      •           Create cross-platform PDF files

      •           Use and design your own templates

      •           Review and edit documents as a team

BONUS MATERIAL: Find other helpful information on this book’s website at quepublishing.com/title/9780789750075

CATEGORY:  Macintosh Productivity App

COVERS:  Pages for Mac

USER LEVEL:  Beginning-Intermediate

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. Acknowledgments
  7. We Want to Hear from You!
  8. Reader Services
  9. 1. Working with Word Processing Documents
    1. Creating a New Document
    2. Opening an Existing Document
    3. Getting Around in the Document Window
    4. Saving Your Document
    5. Using Document Version History
    6. Using Full Screen Mode
  10. 2. Working with Page Layout Documents
    1. Choosing a Layout Template
    2. Adding Text Boxes
    3. Adding Images
    4. Creating New Pages
    5. Grouping Objects
    6. Arranging Objects
  11. 3. Typing, Selecting, and Manipulating Text
    1. Placing and Moving the Cursor
    2. Selecting Text with the Mouse Cursor
    3. Selecting Text with the Keyboard
    4. Using Copy, Cut, and Paste
    5. Moving Text
    6. Undoing Changes
    7. Typing Accent Marks
    8. Typing Symbols
    9. Modifying Characters
    10. Dictating Text
  12. 4. Styling and Formatting Text
    1. The Format Bar and the Inspector Window
    2. Selecting a Font
    3. Styling Text
    4. Changing the Font Size
    5. Coloring Text
    6. Applying Other Text Attributes
    7. Aligning Text
    8. Indenting Paragraphs
    9. Increasing Line and Paragraph Spacing
    10. Adding Tab Stops
  13. 5. Document Formatting and Organization
    1. Setting Your Document’s Page Size
    2. Modifying Document Margins
    3. Using Page Thumbnails
    4. Using Outline Mode
    5. Using Text Columns
    6. Preventing Orphan Lines
  14. 6. Creating Lists and Outlines
    1. Creating Bullet Lists
    2. Creating Numbered Lists
    3. Creating Nested Lists
    4. Creating Outlines
    5. Customizing Lists
    6. Using Custom Bullets
    7. Breaking Up a Numbered List
  15. 7. Using Text Boxes
    1. Creating and Moving Text Boxes
    2. Adding Borders to Text Boxes
    3. Wrapping Text Around Text Boxes
    4. Linking Text Boxes
    5. Using Alignment Guides
    6. Alignment and Distribution
  16. 8. Adding Images
    1. Adding Images to Word Processing Documents
    2. Setting Image Borders
    3. Cropping an Image
    4. Fitting Text Around Images
    5. Rotating an Image
    6. Adjusting the Image Color and Quality
    7. Using an Image as a Background
  17. 9. Adding Shapes
    1. Creating a Shape
    2. Adding Text to Shapes
    3. Adding Images to Shapes
    4. Using Shapes in Documents
    5. Custom Shapes
    6. Copying Shape Styles
  18. 10. Creating Tables
    1. Adding a Basic Table
    2. Customizing Tables
    3. Performing Calculations in Tables
    4. Using Table Headers and Footers
    5. Table Cell Formatting
  19. 11. Creating Charts
    1. Creating a Basic Bar Graph
    2. Customizing Charts
    3. Creating Line Graphs
    4. Creating Pie Charts
  20. 12. Adding Links and Media
    1. Adding Web Links
    2. Adding Links Inside Your Document
    3. Adding Audio to Your Document
    4. Adding Video to Your Document
  21. 13. Creating and Using Styles
    1. Using Existing Styles
    2. Modifying an Existing Style
    3. Using Character Styles
    4. Saving Styles in Documents
    5. Copying and Pasting Styles
  22. 14. Organizing Your Document
    1. Creating a Table of Contents
    2. Dividing Your Document into Sections
    3. Adding Page Headers
    4. Adding Page Footers
    5. Adding Page Numbers
    6. Building Complex Headers and Footers
    7. Adding Footnotes and Endnotes
  23. 15. Using and Building Templates
    1. Exploring Pre-Made Templates
    2. Modifying Pre-Made Templates
    3. Creating Your Own Template
  24. 16. Merges for Letters and Envelopes
    1. Merging Contacts with Envelopes
    2. Merging a Spreadsheet with Letters
    3. Creating Your Own Merge Documents
  25. 17. Reviewing Documents
    1. Adding Comments
    2. Tracking Changes
  26. 18. Document and Writing Tools
    1. Customizing the Toolbar
    2. Searching and Replacing Text
    3. Changing View and Zoom Options
    4. Using Auto-Correction
    5. Checking Spelling
    6. Proofreading
    7. Examining Document Statistics
    8. Using the Help Menu
  27. 19. Printing
    1. Printing Your Document
    2. Adjusting Page Setup
    3. Exploring Printing Options
    4. Previewing Your Printout
  28. 20. Sharing and Exporting
    1. Exporting as a PDF
    2. Exporting for Microsoft Word
    3. Exporting as Rich or Plain Text
    4. Reducing File Size
    5. Locking and Password-Protecting Your Document
  29. Index