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My PowerPoint® 2016

Book Description

If you want to deliver truly attention-grabbing presentations with PowerPoint 2016, My PowerPoint 2016 is your must-have companion. Friendly, quick, and packed with real-world advice, it walks you through every task you'll want to perform, including:

  • Choosing the right design

  • Creating and inserting shapes and pictures

  • Incorporating effective animations, transitions, and multimedia content

  • Finalizing and printing your presentation

  • Setting up and delivering slide shows

  • Modifying themes and templates to your precise needs

  • And much more

  • Every task is presented step-by-step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost of confused. Everything's clearly organized in modular, self-contained chapters designed to help you get more powerful results from Microsoft's PowerPoint 2016, and get them faster. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips and lists - plus quick solutions to the problems you're most likely to encounter.

    Table of Contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Acknowledgments
    8. We Want to Hear from You!
    9. Reader Services
    10. 1. Getting Started
      1. PowerPoint Everywhere
      2. Looking at the New Features
        1. Improved Office Themes
        2. New “Modern” Chart Types
        3. Improved Smart Guides
        4. More Picture-Quality Options
        5. Improved Video Resolution
        6. Record Ink
        7. Ink Equations
        8. Insert Screen Recording
        9. Tell Me
        10. Insights
      3. Installing Microsoft Office 2016
      4. The PowerPoint 2016 Interface
        1. The Start Screen
        2. The Ribbon
        3. The Shortcut Menu and Mini Toolbar
        4. Backstage View
        5. The Editing Workspace (Normal View)
        6. Other PowerPoint Views
        7. Formatting Panes
        8. Dynamic Paste Preview
      5. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
        1. Customize Your Quick Access Toolbar
    11. 2. PowerPoint Basics
      1. Starting a Presentation
        1. Choose a Look for Your Presentation
        2. Add Slides
      2. Formatting Text
        1. Add Text in a Placeholder
        2. Format Text
        3. Format Paragraphs
        4. Format Indents and Tabs
      3. Changing Slide Size
        1. Change Slide Size Without Distorting Content
      4. Inserting Existing Slides
        1. Copy and Paste Slides
        2. Reuse Slides
      5. Saving Your Presentation
        1. Save to OneDrive
        2. Save to Your Computer
        3. Save as a Presentation or Show
    12. 3. Creating and Working with Shapes
      1. Making and Manipulating Shapes
        1. Insert, Resize, and Rotate Shapes
        2. Add Text and Text Boxes
        3. Duplicate Shapes
        4. Select Objects and Shapes
        5. Use the Selection Pane
        6. Control the Order of Shapes
        7. Tweak Shapes with Adjustment Handles
        8. Change Shapes into Other Shapes
        9. Create Your Own Shapes with Merge Shapes
      2. Formatting Shapes
        1. Apply One-Click Formatting with the Shape Styles Gallery
        2. Manually Apply Solid Fill Colors
        3. Use the Eyedropper to Apply Fill Color
        4. Apply and Customize a Gradient Fill
        5. Add a Picture or Texture Fill
        6. Format Lines and Outlines
        7. Add a Shadow
        8. Add a Bevel
        9. Apply 3-D Rotation
        10. Copy Formatting with Format Painter
      3. Formatting Graphical Text (WordArt)
        1. Apply WordArt Formatting with One Click
        2. Fill Text with a Picture
    13. 4. Aligning and Positioning Shapes
      1. Using Smart Guides
        1. Align and Distribute with Smart Guides
      2. Using Alignment Tools
        1. Align with Alignment Tools
        2. Distribute with Alignment Tools
      3. Using Drawing Guides
        1. Align Shapes Using Drawing Guides
      4. Grouping Objects for Easier Alignment
        1. Group Shapes
    14. 5. Working with Pictures
      1. Inserting Pictures
        1. Insert Pictures from Your Hard Drive
        2. Insert Online Pictures
        3. Insert Screen Captures
        4. Turn Pictures into SmartArt
      2. Cropping and Resizing Pictures
        1. Resize Pictures
        2. Crop Pictures
        3. Crop to Aspect Ratio
        4. Crop to Shape
      3. Formatting Pictures
        1. Apply Formatting with Picture Styles
        2. Remove Picture Backgrounds
        3. Apply Picture Corrections
        4. Recolor and Color Correct a Picture
        5. Apply Artistic Effects
        6. Swap One Picture for Another
      4. Compressing Pictures
        1. Compress Pictures to Reduce File Size
      5. Creating a Photo Album
        1. Create a Photo Album
    15. 6. Creating Diagrams and Tables
      1. Creating SmartArt Graphics
        1. Insert a SmartArt Graphic
        2. Add Text and Shapes
        3. Convert Text to SmartArt
        4. Create a Picture Diagram
      2. Formatting SmartArt Graphics
        1. Change Diagram Colors
        2. Change Diagram Styles
        3. Format Fonts in Diagrams
      3. Working with Tables
        1. Create Tables
        2. Move Around in a Table
        3. Resize Tables, Rows, and Columns
      4. Formatting a Table
        1. Apply Table Quick Styles
        2. Format Table Shading
        3. Format Table Borders
        4. Format Text in a Table
    16. 7. Creating and Formatting Charts
      1. Creating Charts in PowerPoint
        1. Insert a Chart
        2. Add or Change Chart Data
        3. Change the Chart Type
        4. Create a Combination Chart
      2. Formatting Charts
        1. Apply Quick Styles and Layouts
        2. Change Chart Colors
        3. Add and Remove Elements
        4. Position and Format Data Labels
        5. Format Numbers
        6. Change the Value Axis Scale
      3. Using the Data Tools
        1. Hide and Unhide Data
        2. Use the Chart Filters Icon
      4. Inserting Charts from Excel
        1. Link and Embed Excel Charts
        2. Edit Linked Excel Chart Data in PowerPoint
        3. Edit Linked Excel Chart Data in Excel
    17. 8. Adding Animations and Transitions
      1. Applying Transitions
        1. Add Transitions to Slides
        2. Advance Slides Automatically
      2. Understanding Animation Basics
        1. Add Animation and Specify When It Plays
        2. Add a Second Animation to an Object
        3. Add Animation to Text
        4. Add Emphasis Animation
        5. Create a Motion Path Animation
        6. Add a Trigger Animation
      3. Fine-Tuning Animations
        1. Set Duration and Delay in the Animation Pane Timeline
        2. Repeat an Animation
        3. Reuse an Animation
        4. Animate a Chart or SmartArt Graphic
    18. 9. Using Multimedia
      1. Inserting Audio and Video
        1. Insert Video or Audio from Your Hard Drive
        2. Insert Online Video
        3. Record Your Own Audio
        4. Record a Video of Your Screen
      2. Editing and Formatting Audio and Video
        1. Trim Time from Audio and Video
        2. Fade Audio and Video In and Out
        3. Add a Poster Frame to a Video
        4. Crop a Video
        5. Apply Video Styles and Other Formatting
      3. Setting Up Audio and Video Playback
        1. Play a Media File Automatically or When Clicked
        2. Play a Media File “On Click”
        3. Control Other Video Playback Options
        4. Play Audio as a Background Track
        5. Add Bookmarks to the Media Timeline
        6. Use Bookmarks to Sync Animation to Your Media
      4. Making Your Media More Portable
        1. Optimize Media Compatibility
        2. Compress Media
    19. 10. Printing and Finalizing Your Presentation
      1. Creating Sections
      2. Adding Headers and Footers
        1. Requirement 1: Add Footer Placeholders
        2. Requirement 2: Populate the Footer Placeholders
      3. Reviewing Your Presentation
        1. Add Comments
        2. Add Ink
        3. Share with Colleagues
        4. Use Review and Compare
      4. Printing
        1. Use Black and White Settings
        2. Print Slides
        3. Print Handouts
        4. Print Notes Pages
      5. Checking for Issues
        1. Check Compatibility
        2. Check Accessibility
        3. Inspect Document
    20. 11. Setting Up Your Slide Show
      1. Setting Up the Presentation Structure
        1. Add Speaker Notes
        2. Hide Slides
        3. Add Links So You Can Jump Around
        4. Create Custom Shows
        5. Set Up Slide Show Options
      2. Delivering Your Presentation
        1. Start the Slide Show
        2. Navigate the Slide Show
        3. Use Presenter View
      3. Using Alternative Delivery Methods
        1. Present Online
        2. Save as a Video
        3. Save as a Picture Presentation
        4. Save a Presentation as a PDF
    21. 12. Creating Your Own Theme
      1. Office Themes Versus PowerPoint Templates
      2. Changing Theme Colors, Fonts, and Effects
        1. Create Your Own Theme Color Set
        2. Choose a Different Font Set
        3. Select a Different Effects Set
      3. Formatting Masters and Layouts
        1. Apply Colors, Fonts, Effects
        2. Format the Master Background
        3. Format and Position Master Placeholders
        4. Format the Title Slide Layout
        5. Format Individual Slide Layouts
        6. Create a Custom Layout
      4. Saving Themes and Templates
        1. Save a Template
        2. Save a Theme
    22. Index