My Social Media for Seniors

Book description

Learn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, and More!

My Social Media for Seniors helps you learn what social media is all about, and how to use it to connect with friends, families, and more. The full-color book provides a general overview of what social media is and what it does, then offers step-by-step instruction on how to use the most popular social media-- Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter. It also covers other social media, including online message boards and group video chat services such as Skype and Google Hangouts. In addition, the book offers strategies for using social media to find old friends and colleagues, as well as how to use social media safely and securely.  Here are a few things you will learn:

  • What Social Media is and why we use it

  • What to share and what not to share on Social Media

  • Using Social Media safely and privately

  • Comparing the most popular Social Media

  • Keeping in touch with friends and family on Facebook

  • Sharing pictures and videos on Facebook

  • Discovering interesting groups on Facebook

  • Configuring Facebook's privacy settings

  • Pinning and repinning on Pinterest

  • Finding other users and boards to follow on Pinterest

  • Fine-tuning your professional profile on LinkedIn

  • Connecting with people and businesses on LinkedIn

  • Tweeting and retweeting on Twitter

  • Sharing photos with instagram

  • Getting social on special interest message boards

  • Playing social games

  • Getting social with video chats

  • Using Social Media to find old friends

  • Using Social Media on your smartphone or tablet

  • Exploring other social media

  • Table of contents

    1. About This E-Book
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. About AARP and AARP TEK
    8. Dedication
    9. Acknowledgments
    10. We Want to Hear from You!
    11. Reader Services
    12. 1. What Social Media Is—and Why We Use It
      1. Understanding Social Media
        1. Defining Social Media
        2. How Social Media Works
        3. Building Social Communities
      2. A Short History of Social Media
      3. Who Uses Social Media—and Why
      4. Why You’ll Want to Use Social Media
    13. 2. What to Share—and What Not to Share—on Social Media
      1. How to Write a Proper Post
        1. Keep It Short
        2. Keep It Casual
        3. Show It If You Can
      2. Posting Things That People Want to Read
      3. Things You Probably Shouldn’t Share Online
      4. Ten Things to Avoid When Posting Online
        1. 1. Don’t Post if You Don’t Have Anything to Say
        2. 2. Don’t Pick a Fight
        3. 3. Don’t Post Anything That Could Be Used Against You
        4. 4. Don’t Post Overly Personal Information
        5. 5. Don’t Gripe
        6. 6. Don’t Post Personal Contact Information
        7. 7. Don’t Post Your Constant Whereabouts
        8. 8. Don’t Post Rumors, Hoaxes, and Urban Legends
        9. 9. Don’t Post Pictures of People Without Their Permission
        10. 10. Don’t Post Sensitive Information
      5. Joining a Conversation—or Not
        1. When to Join a Conversation, and When to Bow Out
        2. What to Share—and What Not to Share
        3. When to Tag Yourself—and Others—in Photos
    14. 3. Using Social Media—Safely and Privately
      1. Is It Safe to Use Social Media?
      2. Smarter Social Networking
        1. Think Before You Click
        2. Think Before You Post
        3. Don’t Accept Every Friend Request
        4. Unfriend People Who Aren’t Friendly
        5. Keep Your Contacts Private
        6. Don’t Download Third-Party Applications
        7. Don’t Play Social Games
        8. Configure Your Privacy and Security Settings
        9. Use Strong Passwords
        10. Use Different Passwords for Each Account
        11. Install Anti-Malware Tools on Your PC
        12. Trust Your Instincts
      3. Keeping Your Private Information Private
    15. 4. Comparing the Most Popular Social Media
      1. Examining Different Types of Social Media
        1. Social Networks
        2. Media Sharing Networks
        3. Microblogging Services
        4. Message Boards
        5. Social Bookmarking Services
      2. Discovering the Top Social Media for Older Users
        1. Facebook
        2. LinkedIn
        3. Pinterest
        4. Twitter
        5. Instagram
    16. 5. Keeping in Touch with Friends and Family on Facebook
      1. Signing Up and Signing In
        1. Create a New Facebook Account
        2. Sign In to the Facebook Site
        3. Sign Out of Your Facebook Account
      2. Finding Facebook Friends
        1. Accept Facebook’s Friend Suggestions
        2. Find Email Contacts
        3. Search for Old Friends
        4. Accept a Friend Request
        5. Unfriend a Friend
      3. Reading the News Feed
        1. Display the News Feed
        2. View a Status Update
        3. View Links to Web Pages
        4. View Photos
        5. View Videos
        6. Like and Comment on an Update
        7. Share an Update
      4. Posting Status Updates to Your Friends
        1. Post a Status Update
        2. Post a Link to a Web Page
        3. Post a Photograph or Video
        4. Add Your Location to a Post
        5. Tag a Friend in a Post
        6. Determine Who Can—or Can’t—See a Status Update
    17. 6. Sharing Pictures and Videos on Facebook
      1. Viewing Friends’ Photos and Videos
        1. View Photos in Your News Feed
        2. View Videos in Your News Feed
        3. View All of a Friend’s Photos and Videos
        4. Share a Photo or Video
        5. Download a Photo
      2. Sharing Your Own Photos and Videos with Friends
        1. Upload Photos to a New Photo Album
        2. Upload Photos to an Existing Photo Album
        3. Upload a Video
    18. 7. Discovering Interesting Groups on Facebook
      1. Participating in Facebook Groups
        1. Search for Groups
        2. Browse for and Join Groups
        3. Visit a Group Page
        4. Post a New Message
        5. View Group Members
        6. View Group Photos
        7. Upload Photos to the Group
        8. Get Notified of Group Activity
        9. Leave a Group
      2. Following Companies and Celebrities on Facebook
        1. Search for Companies and Celebrities
        2. View a Facebook Page
        3. View Page Posts in Your Pages Feed
    19. 8. Configuring Facebook’s Privacy Settings
      1. Determining Who Sees What You Post
        1. Configure Facebook’s Default Privacy Settings
        2. Select Who Can See (or Not See) Individual Posts
      2. Limiting Contact from Other Members
        1. Control Who Can Contact You
        2. Control Who Can Send You Friend Requests
      3. Controlling Tagging
        1. Restrict Who Sees Tag Suggestions in Photos That Look Like You
        2. Limit Who Can See Posts You’re Tagged In
        3. Approve Tags People Add to Your Posts
      4. Managing Who Sees What on Your Timeline
        1. Control Who Sees Specific Information
        2. Hide Sections of Your Timeline
    20. 9. Pinning and Repinning on Pinterest
      1. Getting to Know Pinterest
        1. Joining and Logging In to Pinterest
        2. Navigating the Pinterest Site
      2. Viewing and Repinning Pins
        1. View a Pin
        2. Repin a Pin
      3. Pinning on Pinterest
        1. Pin an Item from a Web Page
        2. Upload a Pin from Your Computer
      4. Creating New Pinterest Boards
        1. Create a Board
        2. View Your Boards and Pins
    21. 10. Finding Other Users and Boards to Follow on Pinterest
      1. Browsing and Searching for Pins
        1. Browse via Category
        2. Search by Keyword
      2. Searching for People and Boards
        1. Find and Follow Interesting Boards
        2. Find Other Users to Follow
        3. Unfollow a Board
    22. 11. Fine-Tuning Your Professional Profile on LinkedIn
      1. Signing Up and Logging In
        1. Create a New Account
        2. Sign In to Your Account
      2. Creating an Effective Profile
        1. Edit Your Snapshot
        2. Add a Profile Picture
        3. Add a Summary
        4. Add More Sections to Your Profile
    23. 12. Connecting with People and Businesses on LinkedIn
      1. Finding New Connections
        1. Search Your Email Contacts
        2. Find Former Co-Workers and Classmates
      2. Sending and Receiving Messages
        1. Read and Reply to Messages
        2. Compose a New Message
        3. Post a Status Update
      3. Participating in Groups
        1. Find and Join a Group
        2. Interact with Group Members
    24. 13. Tweeting and Retweeting on Twitter
      1. Signing Up and Signing On
        1. Create an Account
        2. Log On to Your Account
      2. Finding Tweeters to Follow
        1. Accept Twitter’s Recommendations
        2. Follow Email Contacts
        3. Search for People and Organizations to Follow
        4. Unfollow a User
      3. Viewing Your Twitter Feed
        1. View Tweets
        2. Reply to a Tweet
        3. Retweet a Tweet
      4. Posting Your Own Tweets
        1. Post a Tweet
        2. Mention Other Users
        3. Use Hashtags
        4. Tweet a Picture
    25. 14. Sharing Photos with Instagram
      1. Getting Started with Instagram
        1. Download and Install the Instagram App
        2. Sign Up for a New Account
        3. Edit Your User Profile
        4. Link to Your Other Social Media Accounts
      2. Following Friends and Family
        1. Find Facebook Friends
        2. Find Contacts
        3. Viewing Friends’ Pictures
      3. Shooting and Sharing Photos and Videos
        1. Shoot and Share a Photo
        2. Shoot and Share a Video
    26. 15. Getting Social on Special Interest Message Boards
      1. How Message Boards Work
      2. Finding Internet Message Boards
      3. Reading and Posting to Message Boards
        1. Read and Reply to Messages
        2. Start a New Thread
    27. 16. Playing Social Games
      1. Understanding Social Games
      2. Where to Find and Play Social Games
        1. Facebook
        2. Social Gaming Sites
        3. Mobile Games
      3. Discovering the Most Popular Social Games
        1. Puzzle and Matching Games
        2. Word Games
        3. Card Games
        4. Casino Games
        5. Board Games
        6. Trivia Games
        7. Simulation Games
        8. Sports Games
        9. Brain Training Games
    28. 17. Getting Social with Video Chats
      1. Understanding Video Chatting
      2. Video Chatting with Skype
        1. Add a Contact
        2. Make a Video Call
      3. Video Chatting with Google Hangouts
        1. Start a Hangout
        2. Create a Group Hangout
    29. 18. Using Social Media to Find Old Friends
      1. Choosing the Right Social Network
        1. Start with Facebook
        2. Look for Business Contacts on LinkedIn
        3. Participate in Online Message Forums
      2. Searching for Specific Friends
      3. Searching for Friends from Your Hometown, School, or Workplace
        1. Fine-Tune a Facebook Search
      4. Looking for Mutual Friends
        1. Find Friends of Facebook Friends
      5. Looking for Friends in Facebook Groups
    30. 19. Using Social Media on Your Smartphone or Tablet
      1. Using Facebook on Your Mobile Device
        1. Use Facebook on Your iPhone
        2. Use Facebook on Your Android Phone
        3. Use Facebook on Your iPad
      2. Using LinkedIn on Your Mobile Device
        1. Use LinkedIn on Your Smartphone
      3. Using Pinterest on Your Mobile Device
        1. Use Pinterest on Your Smartphone
      4. Using Twitter on Your Mobile Device
        1. Use Twitter on Your Smartphone
    31. 20. Exploring Other Social Media
      1. Discovering Other Social Networks
      2. Discovering Social Bookmarking Services
      3. Discovering Media-Sharing Services
      4. Discovering Other Microblogging Services
      5. Discovering Mobile-Messaging Media
      6. Exploring Other Social Websites
    32. Glossary
    33. Index

    Product information

    • Title: My Social Media for Seniors
    • Author(s): Michael Miller
    • Release date: November 2015
    • Publisher(s): Que
    • ISBN: 9780134275796