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My Windows 10

Book Description

Book + 2 Hours of Free Video

My Microsoft® Windows® 10 is an easy, full-color tutorial on the latest operating system from Microsoft. It includes 2 hours of FREE step-by-step video tutorials to help you learn how to navigate and customize the new Windows 10 desktop.

How to access the free video and web edition:  Follow the instructions within the book to learn how to register your book to access the 2 hours of FREE step-by-step video and the FREE Web Edition.

Author Katherine Murray has been writing about technology for more than 25 years and has worked with every consumer version of Windows since Windows 3.1.  Murray will help you learn how to:

  • Master Windows 10 innovations you like and keep the older techniques you’re comfortable with

  • Let Cortana, your new personal digital assistant, help you find what you need

  • Adjust the Start menu so it works the way you want (not the other way around!)

  • Learn to use Windows 10 on PC or tablet

  • Streamline your browsing experience with Microsoft® Edge, the new state-of-the-art web browser

  • Find, download, install, and work with the best new Windows Store apps

  • Copy, move, and share files using File Explorer

  • Use the Skype app to make super-easy, free video calls

  • Access all your favorite media with the new Groove Music and Movies & TV apps

  • Table of Contents

    1. About This eBook
    2. Title Page
    3. Copyright Page
    4. Contents at a Glance
    5. Table of Contents
    6. About the Author
    7. Dedication
    8. Acknowledgments
    9. We Want to Hear from You!
    10. Reader Services
    11. Introduction
      1. Versions of Windows 10
      2. Highlights of Windows 10
      3. What You’ll Find in This Book
      4. Let’s Begin
    12. 1. Getting Started with Windows 10
      1. Exploring Windows 10
        1. Logging In to Windows 10
        2. Touring the Windows 10 Desktop
        3. First Tasks with Windows 10
      2. Getting Around with the Mouse and Keyboard
        1. Using the Mouse
        2. Selecting Multiple Items
        3. Getting to the Menu
        4. Using the (Real) Keyboard
        5. Using a Touch Keyboard
        6. Choosing a Keyboard
        7. Repositioning the Keyboard
      3. Using Touch in Windows 10
        1. Using Single Tap
        2. Tap and Hold
        3. Swiping Right
        4. Swiping Left
        5. Swiping Up and Down
        6. Using Pinch Zoom
      4. Shutting Down or Putting Windows 10 to Sleep
        1. Goodnight, Windows 10
        2. Shutting Down Windows 10
    13. 2. Windows 10 on Your Desktop and Devices
      1. Adding Devices in Windows 10
        1. Viewing Installed Devices
        2. Connecting a Device
        3. Removing a Device
      2. Connecting to Wireless Networks
        1. Connecting to an Available Network
      3. Managing Your PC Power
        1. Turning on the Battery Saver
        2. Choosing a Power Management Plan
        3. Tweaking Power Settings
      4. Resetting Windows 10
        1. Resetting Your PC
    14. 3. Getting Comfortable with the Windows 10 Desktop
      1. Exploring the Windows 10 Desktop
        1. Learning About the Windows 10 Desktop
        2. Using the Windows 10 Start Button
      2. Using the Start Menu
        1. Working with the Start Menu
        2. Using All Apps View
        3. Changing User and Profile Information in the Start Menu
        4. Adding App Tiles to the Start Menu
        5. Removing App Tiles from the Start Menu
        6. Resizing App Tiles
        7. Turning Off Live Tile Updates
      3. Searching in Windows 10 and Using Cortana
        1. Searching for Content
        2. Setting Up Cortana
        3. Searching with Cortana
        4. Setting Tasks with Cortana
      4. Tailoring the Taskbar
        1. Adding Apps to the Taskbar
        2. Using Jump Lists
      5. Working with Windows
        1. Window Basics
        2. Moving a Window
        3. Resizing a Window
        4. Arranging Windows
      6. Using Task View
        1. Displaying and Using Task View
      7. Working with Notifications and the Action Center
        1. Checking Notifications
        2. Turning Notifications Off and On
      8. Creating and Using Multiple Desktops
        1. Creating a New Desktop
        2. Adding Apps to the New Desktop
        3. Closing a Desktop
    15. 4. Working with Windows 10 Continuum
      1. Windows 10 for All Your Devices
        1. Standout Features for Tablets
        2. Edge Gestures for Tablets
      2. Switching to Tablet Mode
        1. Making the Change Manually
        2. Setting Tablet Mode Options
      3. Using the Start Menu on Touch Devices
        1. Displaying the Start Menu
        2. Tweaking the Start Menu
        3. Setting App Tile Options
      4. Cortana to the Rescue
        1. Waking Cortana
        2. Searching with Cortana
        3. Learning the Cortana Tools
      5. Working with Apps—the Touch Way
        1. Performing App Basics
        2. Using Task View to Switch Between Apps
    16. 5. Customizing Windows 10
      1. Selecting a New Desktop Background
        1. Displaying Personalization Settings
        2. Choosing a New Background Picture
        3. Selecting a Color Background
      2. Adjusting Colors in Windows 10
        1. Choosing Colors
        2. Enabling High Contrast
      3. Personalizing the Lock Screen
        1. Choosing a New Lock Screen Picture
        2. Adding a New Lock Screen Picture On-the-Fly
        3. Creating a Slideshow
      4. Choosing a Windows 10 Theme
        1. Displaying Classic Themes
      5. Customizing the Start Menu
        1. Modifying the Most Used List
        2. Changing Start Menu Settings
        3. Resizing the Start Menu
      6. Tweaking Additional System Settings
        1. Changing the Time
        2. Changing Your Account Picture
    17. 6. Securing Your Computer—for Yourself and Your Family
      1. Customizing Your Login
        1. Changing a Password
        2. Creating a PIN Logon
        3. Creating a Picture Password
      2. Working with Security and Maintenance in Windows 10
        1. Reviewing Your System Status
        2. Changing Security and Maintenance Alerts
        3. Deciding What to Do with Unrecognized Apps
      3. Using Windows Defender
        1. Checking Windows Defender Settings
        2. Scanning for Risks with Windows Defender
      4. Turning on Your Windows Firewall
        1. Activating the Firewall
        2. Changing Firewall Settings
      5. Working with User Accounts
        1. Add a User
        2. Changing User Account Settings
        3. Switching Users
      6. Maintaining Your Privacy
        1. Choosing Privacy Settings
        2. Setting Location Privacy
    18. 7. Working with Apps and Using the Windows Store
      1. Getting Started with Apps
        1. Checking Out Your Apps on the Start Menu
        2. Pinning Apps to the Start Menu
      2. Finding and Starting Apps
        1. Finding an App
        2. Launching an App from the Start Menu
      3. Moving, Grouping, and Removing Apps
        1. Moving Apps on the Start Screen
        2. Creating an App Group
        3. Naming App Groups
        4. Removing an App from the Start Menu
      4. Working with Apps
        1. Exploring a Program Window
        2. Exploring a Windows 10 Universal App
        3. Working with an App
        4. Snapping Apps
      5. Closing Apps
        1. Closing Selected Apps
        2. Using the Task Manager
      6. Getting Apps from the New and Improved Windows Store
        1. Searching for an App
        2. Reviewing and Installing an App
        3. Managing Your Apps
        4. Overseeing Your Finances in the Windows Store
        5. Uninstalling Apps
    19. 8. Organizing Files with File Explorer and OneDrive
      1. Getting Started with File Explorer
        1. Starting File Explorer
        2. Touring the File Explorer Screen
        3. Working with Quick Access
        4. Checking Out This PC
      2. Using the Ribbon
        1. Learning the Ribbon Layout
        2. Showing and Hiding the File Explorer Ribbon
      3. Managing Your Files and Folders
        1. Finding Files and Folders
        2. Selecting Files and Folders
        3. Viewing File Information
        4. Tagging Files
        5. Arranging Folder Display
      4. Copying, Moving, and Sharing Files and Folders
        1. Copying Files
        2. Sharing Files
        3. Compressing and Extracting Your Files
      5. Keeping Files Safe with OneDrive
    20. 9. Browsing with Microsoft Edge
      1. What’s New about Microsoft Edge?
      2. Getting to Know Today’s Microsoft Edge
        1. Starting Microsoft Edge
        2. Exploring Microsoft Edge
      3. Browsing and Searching the Web
        1. Starting at the Top
        2. Navigating the Web
        3. Opening a New Tab
        4. Searching in Microsoft Edge
        5. Using Cortana in Searches
        6. Adding Search Providers
      4. Personalizing Your Browsing
        1. Choosing a Theme
        2. Magnifying and Reducing the View
        3. Pinning Open the Panes
        4. Selecting Your Start Page
        5. Using the Hub
      5. Saving Your Favorites
        1. Adding a Favorite
        2. Importing Favorites from Other Browsers
      6. Saving and Working with Web Content
        1. Reading Clearly in Reading View
        2. Saving Articles to Your Reading List
        3. Adding Notes to Web Pages
        4. Printing Web Content
      7. Sending Feedback
      8. Securing Your Browsing Experience
        1. Blocking Cookies
        2. Clearing Browsing Data
        3. Blocking Pop-Ups
        4. Saving Passwords and Form Entries
    21. 10. Keeping in Touch with Windows 10
      1. Calling and Messaging with Skype
        1. Getting Skype
        2. Launching Skype
        3. Signing In to Skype
        4. Exploring the Skype Window
        5. Adding Skype Contacts
        6. Making a Call with Skype
        7. Answering a Call with Skype
        8. Sending Messages
      2. Managing Contacts with the People App
        1. Getting Started with the People App
        2. Connecting Other Contact Lists
        3. Adding a New Contact
        4. Searching for a Contact
      3. Staying in Touch Through Email
        1. Launching Mail
        2. Checking Out the Mail Window
        3. Composing an Email Message
        4. Adding an Email Account
        5. Organizing Your Email
      4. Keeping Your Dates Straight with the Calendar App
        1. Checking Appointments
        2. Adding a New Appointment
    22. 11. Entertain Me, Windows 10!
      1. Fun with Photos
      2. What’s New in the Photos App?
        1. Starting the Photos App
        2. A Look Around the Photos App Window
        3. Viewing Your Photos
        4. Editing Photos
        5. Quickly Enhancing Your Photos
        6. Displaying a Slideshow
      3. Your Music, Your Way
        1. Getting Started with the Groove Music App
        2. Learning the Groove Music App Window
        3. Shopping for Music You Like
      4. Finding and Watching Your Favorite Shows
        1. Launching the Movies & TV App
        2. Exploring the Movies & TV App Window
        3. Finding New Movies & TV Shows
      5. Playing Games with Windows 10
        1. Starting the Xbox App
        2. Learning the Xbox App Window
        3. Playing a Game with the Xbox App
        4. Capturing Video or a Screenshot While You Play
        5. Downloading a Game
    23. 12. Caring for Your Computer and Updating Windows
      1. Checking for Windows Updates
        1. Checking for Updates
        2. Setting Advanced Update Options
      2. Backing Up and Restoring Your Files
        1. Backing Up Your Files with File History
        2. Restoring Files
      3. Optimizing Your Computer
        1. Optimizing Your Hard Disk
    24. A. Windows 10 App Gallery
      1. Exploring Your Apps
      2. Checking Out the Apps
        1. Weather App
        2. Maps App
        3. News App
        4. Money App
        5. Sports App
      3. The Windows Store Revisited
        1. Using App Categories
        2. Browsing Apps
        3. Getting App Info
        4. Reading App Reviews
        5. Viewing Your Apps
        6. Adding Your Own Review
    25. Index
    26. Inside Front Cover
    27. Inside Back Cover