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My Windows® Phone 8

Book Description

Friendly, quick, and 100% practical, My Microsoft Windows Phone 8 is the must-have companion for every Windows Phone 8 user. Written by ten-time Microsoft MVP Brien Posey, it walks new users through every task they'll want to perform, including:
* Navigating the Windows Phone 8 interface
* Using audio, video, photos, and other media
* Connecting to the Internet, surfing the Web with Internet Explorer, and searching with Bing
* Getting productive with Windows Phone 8's version of Microsoft Office
* Downloading great apps and games in the Marketplace
* Storing content in the cloud, on SkyDrive
* Social networking via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
* Managing email, IM, contacts, and calendars
* Customizing and troubleshooting Windows Phone 8

Every task is presented step by step, using carefully annotated, full-color screenshots, all numbered so there's no chance of getting lost or confused. Readers needn't wade through paragraphs of theory to get usable help, or to find practical answers. Throughout, the book is packed with helpful tips, tidbits, and quick solutions to the problems users are most likely to encounter. Everything's clearly organized to help readers get started fast, and keep their Windows Phone 8 devices working just the way they want.

Table of Contents

  1. About This eBook
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents at a Glance
  5. Table of Contents
  6. About the Author
  7. Dedication
  8. Acknowledgments
  9. We Want to Hear from You!
  10. Reader Services
  11. 1. Getting Started with Windows Phone 8
    1. Minimum Hardware Specifications
    2. The Phone’s External Features
    3. Getting Started with Your Phone
    4. Updating the Phone
    5. The Windows Phone 8 Interface
    6. Touch Gestures
    7. Using the Phone’s Hardware Buttons
    8. The Soft Keyboard
    9. Resetting Your Phone
  12. 2. Configuring Basic Device Settings
    1. Accessing the Device Settings Screen
    2. Wi-Fi Networking
    3. Passwords and Screen Timeouts
    4. Date and Time
    5. Screen Brightness
    6. Controlling the Keyboard’s Behavior
    7. Configuring Regions and Languages
    8. Accessibility
    9. Find My Phone
    10. About Your Phone
    11. Providing Feedback
    12. Backing Up Your Phone
    13. Battery Saver
    14. Phone Storage
  13. 3. Messaging
    1. Accessing Email Settings and Configuring Accounts
    2. Microsoft Outlook Mobile
    3. Composing a New Message
    4. Configuring Mailbox Settings
  14. 4. The Multimedia Experience
    1. Working with the Windows Phone Software
    2. Working with File Explorer
    3. Xbox Music Pass
    4. Playing Music Through the Phone
    5. Playing Videos
    6. History
    7. Displaying New Content
  15. 5. Windows Phone 8 Apps
    1. Searching for an App
    2. Alarms
    3. Calculator
    4. Calendar
    5. Camera
    6. Photo
    7. Internet Explorer
    8. Store
    9. Kid’s Corner
    10. Wallet
  16. 6. Microsoft Office Mobile
    1. Accessing Microsoft Office
    2. Excel
    3. Word
    4. PowerPoint
    5. OneNote
  17. 7. Gaming
    1. The Games Hub
    2. Friends
    3. Beacons
    4. Finding Games
    5. Xbox SmartGlass
  18. 8. The Phone
    1. Making and Taking Phone Calls
    2. Call Settings
    3. SMS Text Messaging
  19. 9. Search
    1. Bing and the Search Button
    2. Searching with Internet Explorer
    3. Maps
    4. More Ways to Search
  20. 10. Working with People
    1. The People Hub
    2. Groups
    3. Rooms
    4. Facebook Integration
    5. The Me Tile
    6. Twitter
    7. LinkedIn
  21. Index