Chapter 6

There Goes Your Cash!

In This Chapter

arrow Recording all withdrawals and expenses

arrow Setting up new bank accounts and transferring money between them

arrow Becoming a world expert on GST (well, almost)

arrow Looking up, changing, deleting and reversing transactions

arrow Handling petty cash

arrow Setting up templates to make things go quicker

It's funny that I ended up spending so much of my working life ploughing through figures and accounts. I hate finicky details, I get bored by repetitive work and I'm naturally impatient (even eating is often an unbearable distraction from the buzz of life).

Working with accounting software has taught me many lessons over the years. I'm much more careful and precise these days, and on occasions (when no-one is watching) you could even accuse me of being infuriatingly pedantic. Why? Because it's the best way to be when you're dealing with your own money and all those ...

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