Chapter 9

Reconcile Yourself

In This Chapter

arrow Understanding what bank reconciliations are all about

arrow Preparing to do your first reconciliation

arrow Doing the deed — reconciling your bank account

arrow Digging your way out of tricky situations

arrow Tackling a bank account that doesn't balance

arrow Saving bank reconciliation reports

You have to reconcile yourself to a lot in this life. When you go for a picnic, it always rains. When your computer crashes, it's the one time you didn't back up. When you drop a piece of toast, it lands jam-side down.

Another fact of life that you have to reconcile yourself to is this: If you're going to use MYOB, you have to reconcile your bank account. The good news is that reconciling accounts is actually quite easy, and can even be fun, in a nerdy kind of way.

In this chapter, I explain how to go about this process. I explain how one of the benefits of using bank feeds is ...

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