Chapter 14

Reporting for Business

In This Chapter

arrow Discovering five ways to get exactly what you want (only five?)

arrow Separating the (reporting) wheat from the chaff

arrow Making a splash with quirky fonts, wild colours, shapes and more

arrow Sending reports out into the world

arrow Finding solutions when MYOB doesn't give you everything you need (sigh!)

Beneath its cool, calm exterior, your MYOB company file is a seething mass of information. Click a couple of buttons to reveal a squillion standard reports, all of which can be customised in different ways by changing report selections, adding columns, formatting headings, changing fonts and much more besides.

If you only recently upgraded to the latest version of MYOB AccountRight, you'll find that the reporting features have had a major renovation. Don't stress too much, though. Just like a home renovation, everything may look really different but the essentials remain the same: A sofa is still a sofa, the kitchen is still chaos, and the fridge remains ...

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