Appendix A. Glossary

application components:

See components.

application engine:

See engine.

application platform:

The newest generation of SAP applications that are being systematically developed. They will be made available as business objects, engines, and components in order to make them reusable and extendible. This platform will be increasingly leveraged by all SAP solutions, including mySAP Business Suite.

application service:

See also Web service. Services used by an application component, an engine, or a utility.


See Business Process Management.


See Business Process Outsourcing.

business events:

Internal or external occurrences that trigger business activities or processes. For example, a changed delivery address or an additional product ordered by a customer would be a business event. An event such as an additional product ordered may trigger activities such as the recalculation of customer value and attractive pricing for future products. Business events are relevant in ESA because they allow business logic to control process flow.

business object:

An identifiable business entity, such as a customer, a contract, or a product that is defined once and becomes the building block of the business. It is described by a data model, an internal process model, and one or more service interfaces.

business process:

A set of logically related tasks that are performed to achieve a defined business outcome. Business processes are usually carried out within one organizational department and ...

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