Chapter 6. Meet SAP NetWeaver

Everybody's gotta have a vision. For Columbus, it was finding a better route to Asia by sailing west. (Of course, turns out, the New World was in his way.) For Galileo, it was inventing a telescope to view the planets and discover satellites around Jupiter. For you, maybe it's making sense of all the technoid gobbledygook your company has to deal with day in and day out so that you and your IT people don't end up old before their time.

If so, you'll be glad to hear that, at its core, SAP NetWeaver is an ambitious vision for improving information technology, including the software and hardware that runs the world of business. But SAP NetWeaver is not just a vision: It's a set of tools and methodologies that can take your company where it needs to go. And finally, it's the technical underpinning of mySAP ERP.

So, What Exactly Is SAP NetWeaver?

SAP NetWeaver is a super-sized serving of technology and tools made up of products and concepts that are useful to the corporate decision maker and the technologists who work together to solve huge information challenges.

SAP NetWeaver offers a platform that allows your organization to integrate all your systems and integrate with third-party systems. In addition, SAP NetWeaver acts as a platform on ...

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