Chapter 12. Following ERP into the Future

More than 20 years ago, enterprise resource planning software started to play a significant role in helping IT executives to cut costs and increase efficiency. These earlier solutions included standard financial, human capital management (HCM) or human resources, and basic operational (order entry, materials management) features. These early off-the-shelf ERP applications enabled IT organizations to reduce application backlogs and implement standard business processes.

Today, however, companies are faced with a very different world. They have less time to get it right and more pressure to do so. Today, innovation occurs with stunning speed, even as the window of opportunity for capitalizing on innovation seems to get smaller every day.

In 2004, SAP launched its next-generation ERP solution, mySAP ERP 2004, which was followed a year later by mySAP ERP 2005. mySAP ERP is an evolution from the traditional ERP solution. It not only allows companies to become more efficient, but it also allows companies to react faster to business change.

But mySAP ERP was just the first step toward a whole new direction for ERP. So where are mySAP ERP and ESA headed in the future? In this chapter, we look into our (informed) crystal ball.

The SAP Roadmap for ESA and ERP

As we discuss ...

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