Chapter 15. Top Ten ERP Resources

The world of ERP is a big one, and the step into it is a mighty leap. Although the potential rewards are big, you don't want to make that leap alone. Luckily, lots of resources are available — both in human and online form — to help.

Some of these resources are specific to your ERP solution. We've included several from SAP that can help you with mySAP ERP. Others are more generic. Pick and choose the ones you need, and good luck with your ERP future!

Your SAP Account Rep

If you're looking at mySAP ERP as your ERP solution, your account representative is your new best friend. He can pull together a team of people to advise you about the best way to get started. Detailed up-front analysis of your business and needs, as well as ongoing support to maintain and tweak your system, is available.

If you don't have an account representative, visit and contact the SAP office nearest you.

ESA Adoption Help

If you're ready to make the leap to adopting ESA, the ESA Adoption Program can help. This is a formalized, step-by-step approach to help you move into a service-oriented environment with a focus on maintaining your existing systems as much as possible. The program includes four key steps to support a customer's transition to ESA, including

  • Grasping the vision through ESA opportunity workshops ...

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