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MySpace Unraveled: A Parent’s Guide to Teen Social Networking from the Directors of BlogSafety.com

Book Description

Do you know what your children are up to on MySpace? MySpace Unraveled: What it is and how to use it safely discusses the booming MySpace social-networking phenomenon and shows you exactly what you need know about MySpace and how to create a safe online experience for your kids. Written by Larry Magid and Anne Collier of Family Tech Talk, this short and extremely useful guide discusses what children are doing on social-networking Web sites and why they have become so popular. While other books on this subject discuss how to use social networking sites, this is the first guide to address the topics important to parents. With this book parents will learn:

  • The basics of online social networking.

  • How children are using MySpace.

  • Positive and negative aspects of social networking Web sites.

  • Internet safety for kids.

  • How to communicate with children about what they are doing online.

  • What parental controls are available and how to use them.