The file is the project file where Glade keeps the specifications you create when you point-and-click the user interface into existence (see Listing A.2). Like interface.c, it is not something you want to tweak manually unless you really, really need to. Remember, unlike interface.c, it is read into as well as written out of Glade. However, it does provide instructive insight into the way Glade organizes and handles the various GTK+ widgets.

Listing A.2. The Glade Project File for the SESI Order Application
 <?xml version="1.0"?> <GTK-Interface> <project> <name>sesi</name> <program_name>sesi</program_name> <directory></directory> <source_directory>src</source_directory> <pixmaps_directory>pixmaps</pixmaps_directory> ...

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