HelloWorld Files Dissected

Now you’re going to take apart each of the files Glade created. First, start with the .c files to see how they fit together to make a complete program. After that, you will take a quick look at HelloWorld.glade to see how it is structured. Finally, you will get a quick word on autogen.sh.


Listing 5.3 shows the main.c file that’s created by Glade when the Build button is clicked. If a main.c file already exists, Glade will not overwrite it (as stated in the initial comment). In this case, to allow for a clean and quick compile from the command line, lines 28 and 29 were commented out after Glade wrote the file.

Listing 5.3. HelloWorld’s main.c
01 /* 
02  * Initial main.c file generated by Glade. Edit as required. ...

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