Connecting the Interface to the Utility Functions

The previous two sections concentrated on building the user interface and constructing the functions to do the majority of the work. Now put the two together to produce a final product.


Listing 7.17 lists all the callbacks from callbacks.c that have any code in them other than what Glade produces. (If you download callbacks.c for this project from the companion Web site, you will see more functions than are in Listing 7.17.)

Listing 7.17. Selected Functions from callbacks.c
 #ifdef HAVE_CONFIG_H # include <config.h> #endif #include <gtk/gtk.h> #include <mysql.h> #include "callbacks.h" #include "interface.h" #include "support.h" #include "sesi_utils.h" GtkWidget *frm_main; GtkWidget ...

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