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MySQL Reference Manual by Kaj Arno, David Axmark, Michael Widenius

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Appendix B. Contributed Programs

Many users of MySQL have contributed very useful support tools and add-ons.

A list of what is available at http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/ (or any mirror) is shown in the next section.

Please visit our Software Portal at http://www.mysql.com/portal/software/. The community facilities there also allow for your input!

If you want to build MySQL support for the Perl DBI/DBD interface, you should fetch the Data-Dumper, DBI, and Msql-Mysql-modules files and install them. See Section 2.7.

Note: the programs listed here can be freely downloaded and used. They are copyrighted by their respective owners. Please see individual product documentation for more details on licensing and terms. MySQL AB assumes no liability for the correctness of the information in this appendix or for the proper operation of the programs listed herein.


  • Perl Modules

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Data-Dumper-2.101.tar.gz: Perl Data-Dumper module. Useful with DBI/DBD support for older Perl installations.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/DBI-1.18.tar.gz: Perl DBI module.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/KAMXbase1.2.tar.gz: Convert between .dbf files and MySQL tables. Perl module written by Pratap Pereira , extended by Kevin A. McGrail . This converter can handle MEMO fields.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2218.tar.gz: Perl DBD module to access mSQL and MySQL databases.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Data-ShowTable-3.3.tar.gz: Perl Data-ShowTable module. Useful with DBI/DBD support.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/HandySQL-1.1.tar.gz: HandySQL is a MySQL access module. It offers a C interface embedded in Perl and is approximately 20% faster than regular DBI.

  • JDBC

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mm.mysql.jdbc-1.2c.tar.gz: The mm JDBC driver for MySQL. This is a production release and is actively developed. By Mark Matthews ().

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mm.mysql.jdbc-2.0pre5.tar.gz: The mm JDBC driver for MySQL. This is a pre-release beta version and is actively developed. By Mark Matthews (). These two drivers have an LGPL license. Please check http://www.worldserver.com/mm.mysql/ for the latest drivers (and other JDBC information) because these drivers may be out of date.

    • http://www.caucho.com/projects/jdbc-mysql/index.xtp: The Resin commercial JDBC driver, which is released under open source. It claims to be faster than the mm driver, but we haven’t received that much information about this yet.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/twz1jdbcForMysql-1.0.4-GA.tar.gz: The twz driver. A type-4 JDBC driver by Terrence W. Zellers . This is commercial but is free for private and educational use. (Not supported anymore.)

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/pmdamysql.tgz: A MySQL PMDA. Provides MySQL server status and configuration variables.


    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Win32/MyOLEDB3.exe: MyOLEDB 3.0 installation package from SWSoft.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Win32/mysql-oledb-3.0.0.zip: Source for MyOLEDB 3.0.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Win32/MySamples.zip: Examples and documentation for MyOLEDB.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Win32/MyOLEDB.chm: Help files for MyOLEDB.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Win32/libmyodbc.zip: Static MyODBC library used to build MyOLEDB. Based on MyODBC code.

  • C++

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mysql-c++-0.02.tar.gz: MySQL C++ wrapper library. By Roland Haenel, .

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MyDAO.tar.gz: MySQL C++ API. By Satish . Inspired by Roland Haenel’s C++ API and Ed Carp’s MyC library.

    • http://www.mysql.com/download_mysql++.html: MySQL C++ API (more than just a wrapper library). Originally by . Nowadays maintained by Sinisa at MySQL AB.

    • http://nelsonjr.homepage.com/NJrAPI/: A C++ database-independent library that supports MySQL.

  • Delphi

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/DelphiMySQL2.zip: Delphi interface to libmysql.dll, by .

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Udmysql.pas: A wrapper for libmysql.dll for usage in Delphi. By Reiner Sombrowsky.

    • http://www.fichtner.net/delphi/mysql.delphi.phtml: A Delphi Interface to MySQL, with source code. By Matthias Fichtner.

    • http://www.productivity.org/projects/tmysql/: TmySQL, a library for using MySQL with Delphi.

    • https://sourceforge.net/projects/zeoslib/: Zeos Library is a set of delphi-native datasets and database components for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Interbase, MS SQL, Oracle, and DB/2. Also it includes development tools such as Database Explorer and Database Designer.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Win32/SBMySQL50Share.exe: Delphi 5 shareware MySQL dataset components.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mysql-ruby-2.2.0.tar.gz: MySQL Ruby module. By TOMITA Masahiro Ruby is an object-oriented interpreter language (http://www.netlab.co.jp/ruby/).

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/JdmMysqlDriver-0.1.0.tar.gz: A VisualWorks 3.0 Smalltalk driver for MySQL. By .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Db.py: Python module with caching. By .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MySQLmodule-1.4.tar.gz: Python interface for MySQL. By Joseph Skinner . Modified by Joerg Senekowitsch .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MySQL-python-0.3.0.tar.gz: MySQLdb Python is a DB-API v2.0-compliant interface to MySQL. Transactions are supported if the server and tables support them. It is thread-safe, and contains a compatibility module for older code written for the no-longer-maintained MySQLmodule interface.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mysql_mex_12.tar.gz: An interface program for the Matlab program by MathWorks. The interface is done by Kimmo Uutela and John Fisher (not by MathWorks). Check http://boojum.hut.fi/~kuutela/mysqlmex.html for more information.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mysqltcl-1.53.tar.gz: Tcl interface for MySQL. Based on msqltcl-1.50.tar.gz. Updated by Tobias Ritzau, .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MyC-0.1.tar.gz: A Visual Basic-like API, by Ed Carp.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/Vdb-dflts-2.1.tar.gz: This is a new version of a set of library utilities intended to provide a generic interface to SQL database engines such that your application becomes a 3-tiered application. The advantage is that you can easily switch between and move to other database engines by implementing one file for the new backend without making any changes to your applications. By .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/DbFramework-1.10.tar.gz: DbFramework is a collection of classes for manipulating MySQL databases. The classes are loosely based on the CDIF data model subject area. By Paul Sharpe .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/pike-mysql-1.4.tar.gz: MySQL module for pike. For use with the Roxen web server.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/squile.tar.gz: Module for guile that allows guile to interact with SQL databases. By Hal Roberts.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/stk-mysql.tar.gz: Interface for Stk. Stk is the Tk widget with Scheme underneath instead of Tcl. By Terry Jones.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/eiffel-wrapper-1.0.tar.gz: Eiffel wrapper by Michael Ravits.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/SQLmy0.06.tgz: FlagShip Replaceable Database Driver (RDD) for MySQL. By Alejandro Fernandez Herrero. The Flagship RDD homepage is at http://www.fship.com/rdds.html.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mydsn-1.0.zip: Binary and source for mydsn.dll. mydsn should be used to build and remove the DSN registry file for the MyODBC driver in ColdFusion applications. By Miguel Angel Solórzano.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MySQL-ADA95_API.zip: An ADA95 interface to the MySQL API. By Francois Fabien.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MyTool-DLL_for_VB_and_MySQL.zip: A DLL with MySQL C API for Visual Basic. By Ken Menzel .

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/MYSQLX.EXE: MySQL ActiveX Object for directly accessing your MySQL servers from IIS/ASP, VB, and VC++, skipping the slower ODBC methods. Fully updatable and multi-threaded with full support for all MySQL fieldtypes (Version 2001.1.1). By SciBit http://www.scibit.com/.

  • http://www.fastflow.it/mylua/: MyLUA home page; how to use the LUA language to write MySQL PROCEDURE that can be loaded at runtime.

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/lua-4.0.tar.gz: LUA 4.0

    • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/mylua- Patch for MySQL 3.23.32 to use LUA 4.0. By Cristian Giussani.

  • http://www.mysql.com/Downloads/Contrib/patched_myodbc.zip: Patch (for Omniform 4.0 support) to the MyODBC driver. By Thomas Thaele

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