Displaying and Editing the Shopping Cart

The mini-cart is nice for a quick heads-up on what you've bought, but the customer will also want to be able to view and edit a more detailed version of the cart. So, it's time to implement the shopping cart page, shown in Listing 10.9.

Listing 10.9. shoppingcart.jsp
 <%@ page import="com.bfg.product.Product" %> <%@ page import="java.util.Iterator" %> <%@ page import="com.bfg.cart.Cart" %> <%@ page import="com.bfg.cart.CartItem" %> <jsp:useBean id="cart" class="com.bfg.cart.Cart" scope="session"/> <head> <title>Your Shopping Cart</title> </head> <%@ include file="/jsp/includes/bfgheader.jsp" %> <h2 align="center">Your Shopping Cart</h2> <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="changeit.jsp" TARGET="tempwindow"> <table ...

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