Trying Out LDAP Modification

Writing a JSP to modify employee information is very similar to creating employee records (see Listing 15.6), although it saves a bit of time by having the form submit back to itself. On this page, the uid to modify is handed in as an argument (presumably from another page with a pull-down or fill-in-the-blank input field). The page checks to see if the employee requested exists; if not, it generates an error.

Listing 15.6. testLdapModify.jsp
 <%@ page import="com.bfg.employee.Employee" %> <HEAD><TITLE>Modify employee</TITLE></HEAD><BODY> <%! private boolean notNull(String str) { return ((str != null) && (str.length() > 0)); } private String bn (String val) { if (val == null) return ""; return val; } %> <% Employee ...

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