10.3 NRPE Configuration on the Computer to Be Monitored

When compiling NRPE, the file nrpe.cfg is created in the source directory, which contains several parameters as well as the commands to run NRPE. These are copied manually to the configuration directory, which normally first has to be created on the target computer:

linux:src/rnpe-2.11 # mkdir /etc/nagios
linux:src/rnpe-2.11 # cp nrpe.cfg /etc/nagios/.

Distribution-specific packages are unpacked from the location specified in Table 10-1 in page 215.

nrpe is given the permissions of the user at runtime specified in the inet daemon configuration, which in our case is that of nobody. Therefore nrpe.cfg needs to be readable for this user. As long as the file does not contain any passwords (these ...

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