17.4 Configuration

The NDOUtils are configured at three different locations. The file ndomod.cfg specifies the settings for the Event Broker module. ndo2db.cfg controls the daemon ndo2db, which accepts data from the Broker and writes to the database. An entry in /etc/nagios/nagios.cfg finally ensures that Nagios loads the Event Broker module ndomod when it starts.

The NDOUtils source code in the subdirectory ./config provides a template for each of the two configuration files. The command

linux:src/ndoutils-1.4b7 # cp config/ndo*.cfg /etc/nagios/.

copies these, in accordance with the convention used in this book, to the directory /etc/nagios.

17.4.1 Adjusting the Event Broker configuration

The template for ndomod.cfg can almost be used unchanged; you ...

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