20.3 The check_nt Plugin

When installing the standard Nagios plugins, the check_nt plugin is automatically loaded to the hard drive. The checks that can be queried here correspond to the function range of NSClient provided in NSClient, NS-Client++, OpMon Agent, and NC_Net. To make use of the extensions of NC_Net, you must download the extended sourcecode (the file check_nt.c) from http://www.shatterit.com/NC_Net and compile it yourself.

The actual effect that the check_nt parameters have, described below, depends on the command that is specified with the -v option:[242]:

-H address / --host=address

IP address or host name of the host on which the NSClient/NC_Net is installed.

-v command / --variable=command

The command to be executed.

-p port / --port= ...

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