23.7 Making the Incomprehensible Legible with SNMPTT

The SNMP Trap Translator (SNMPTT)[285] translates numerical object identifiers, which are difficult to understand, to readable text by means of the accompanying MIB.[286] To install this, you unpack the SNMPTT sources from Sourceforge[287] to /usr/local/src:

linux:local/src # tar xvzf /pfad/snmptt_1.2.tgz
linux:local/src # cd snmptt_1.2
linux:src/snmptt_1.2 # cp snmptt snmptthandler snmpttconvertmib /usr/sbin/.
linux:src/snmptt_1.2 # chmod +x /usr/sbin/snmptt*
linux:src/snmptt_1.2 # cp snmptt.ini /etc/snmp/.

The files snmptt, snmptthandler, and snmpttconvertmib contained in the archive are copied to /usr/sbin and made executable with chmod. The configuration file snmptt.ini is copied to the directory ...

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