Describing Function and Liénard Equation

Alberto Delgado


21.1 Introduction

21.2 Describing Function

21.2.1 Memristor

21.2.2 Nanodevices Based on DNA or CNTs

21.3 The Liénard Equation

21.3.1 Conditions for a Limit Cycle

21.3.2 Quadratic Memristor

21.3.3 Nonlinear Nanodevice

21.4 Simulations

21.4.1 Limit Cycle

21.4.2 Stable Fixed Point

21.5 Conclusions



Nanotechnology is a promising research area with applications in different disciplines. In electrical and electronic engineering, nanodevices are new building blocks for circuits that increase the designer possibilities beyond traditional elements. In this chapter, two methods to study the behavior of nonlinear circuits and systems are illustrated ...

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