Printing Technology and Advantage of Purified Semiconducting Carbon Nanotubes for Thin Film Transistors

Hideaki Numata, Kazuki Ihara, Takeshi Saito and Fumiyuki Nihey


41.1  Introduction

41.2  CNT Ink Preparation

41.3  Printing Fabrication Technology

41.3.1    Device Fabrication Flow

41.3.2    Wettability

41.3.3    Gate Insulators

41.3.4    CNT Random Network Channel

41.4  Printed CNT Thin Film Transistors

41.4.1    TFT Fabrication

41.4.2    Results and Discussion

41.5  Summary




Single-wall carbon nanotubes (CNTs) [1] have a large intrinsic mobility [2] and are expected to be useful as a new electronic material. However, their electronic structures depend on their diameters and chirality, ...

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