Implementation of a Nanomagnet Full Adder Circuit

Edit Varga, György Csaba, G. H. Bernstein and Wolfgang Porod


61.1  Introduction

61.2  NML Components of the Full Adder

61.2.1  Nanomagnet Wires

61.2.2  Programmability and Majority Gate

61.2.3  Fanout

61.2.4  Shape Engineering: Asymmetric Nanomagnets

61.3  NML Full Adder

61.3.1  Design

61.3.2  Functionality

61.4  Fabrication and Characterization

61.5  Proposed Designs of Full Adder

61.6  Summary and Conclusions



The development and characterization of a nanomagnet full adder circuit are demonstrated in this chapter. To our knowledge, this is the most complex magnetic circuit attempted to date. The circuit comprises 53 magnets that perform as three ...

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