9Innovation at the Frontiers of Nanomedicine

Interpreting, replicating and modulating our biology in a bid to make our lives healthier and happier is one of the aims of the modern nanoscientist.

– Alok Jha, The Guardian, September 5, 2011

Bionanotechnology is the place where bio meets nano. This is a space where we focus on the biological impact of nanoinnovations on plants, animals, and humans.

Whether you manage a small or a large organization in industry, government, or academia, you need to know what's happening in bionano – and especially, nanomedicine – because medical nanoinnovations could save or prolong your life, and the lives of family members, friends, and colleagues. Nanomedical innovations are not just game-changing innovations. They are life-changing innovations.

Bionanoinnovation can be defined as the controlled use of biological materials, organisms, by-products, and processes with nanoscale dimensions to achieve a desired result.

Nanomedicine is the application of nanotechnology to medicine and healthcare. Nanomedicine is the subset of bionanotechnology where nanoinnovation is creating new healthcare solutions. Bionanoimaging is used to view and manipulate biological processes that cause diseases. Nanofluidic chips are used in the emerging field of nanodiagnostics. Most labs-on-a-chip have nanoscale features and properties. Nanomaterials are used in stents, pacemakers, and other medical implants. Much of what we call “molecular medicine” involves nanoscale ...

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