Molecular Modeling Applied to Nanobiosystems

A.M. Amarante*
G.S. Oliveira*
J.C.M. Ierich*
R.A. Cunha**
L.C.G. Freitas
E.F. Franca**
F. de Lima Leite**    Nanoneurobiophysics Research Group, Department of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics, Federal University of São Carlos, Sorocaba, São Paulo, Brazil**    Institute of Chemistry, Federal University of Uberlandia—UFU, Uberlandia, Minas Gerais, Brazil    Chemistry Department, Ufscar, São Carlos, São Paulo, Brazil


Molecular modeling is an important tool for the study and development of new nanotechnologies. This technique is widely applied in the description and characterization of biological systems, aiding the research and development of new health-related technologies. This chapter provides ...

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