Chapter 5

Multifunctional nanostructured biopolymeric materials for therapeutic applications

Ilaria Armentano
Nicoletta Rescignano**
Eelna Fortunati*
Samantha Mattioli*
Francesco Morena
Sabata Martino
Luigi Torre*
Josè M. Kenny*,***    University of Perugia, Terni, Italy**    Institute of Polymer Science and Technology, CSIC, Madrid, Spain    University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy    Tuscia University, Viterbo, Italy


This chapter highlights the current state and future prospects of the new generation of multifunctional bionanomaterials, based on different natural or synthetic biopolymers, together with their therapeutic applications. The impact of nanotechnology on biomedical applications has helped to improve the efficacy of available ...

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