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Nanotechnology: A Gentle Introduction to the Next Big Idea

Book Description

Nanotech for everyone! The friendly, non-technical guide to the next industrial revolution.

  • Discover the world's next $1 trillion industry!

  • The easy-to-understand guide to nanoscale technology, science, business, and ethics

  • Today's hottest nanotech research and tomorrow's hottest applications

  • Nanobots, quantum and DNA computing, nanosensors, neuro-electronic interfaces, and much more

  • Insider's assessment of the nanotechnology marketplace and investment opportunities

  • By 2015, nanotechnology could be a $1 trillion industry. Now, renowned nanotech pioneer Mark Ratner and technology entrepreneur Daniel Ratner show you how nanotech works, why it's so exciting, what's new, and what's next. They survey the entire field—technology and business—covering nanobots, molecular electronics, quantum computing, biostructures, nanotubes, molecular motors, nanosensors, and many other breakthrough applications. They provide easy-to-understand explanations of every key concept, plus dozens of visuals that bring nanotechnology to life. Coverage includes:

  • A simple, brief, almost math-free introduction to nanotech science

  • "Grand tour" of nanotech R&D, from "smart materials" to DNA computing

  • Breakthrough biomedical applications, including neuro-electronic interfaces and new drug delivery systems

  • Current and emerging nanotech systems for optoelectronics and communications

  • Nanotech here and now: nano-enhanced tennis balls, suntan lotions, and other products already in the market

  • A realistic assessment of nanotech investment opportunities for the short- and long-term

  • Ethical issues associated with nanotech research and product development

  • Table of Contents

    1. Copyright
    2. About Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference
    3. Preface
    4. Introducing Nano
      1. Why Do I Care About Nano?
      2. Who Should Read This Book?
      3. What Is Nano? A Definition
      4. A Note On Measures
    5. Size Matters
      1. A Different Kind of Small
      2. Some Nano Challenges
    6. Interlude One—The Fundamental Science Behind Nanotechnology
      1. Electrons
      2. Atoms and Ions
      3. Molecules
      4. Metals
      5. Other Materials
      6. Biosystems
      7. Molecular Recognition
      8. Electrical Conduction and Ohm's Law
      9. Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Ideas
      10. Optics
    7. Interlude Two: Tools of the Nanosciences
      1. Tools for Measuring Nanostructures
      2. Tools to Make Nanostructures
    8. Points and Places of Interest: The Grand Tour
      1. Smart Materials
      2. Sensors
      3. Nanoscale Biostructures
      4. Energy Capture, Transformation, and Storage
      5. Optics
      6. Magnets
      7. Fabrication
      8. Electronics
      9. Electronics Again
      10. Modeling
    9. Smart Materials
      1. Self-Healing Structures
      2. Recognition
      3. Separation
      4. Catalysts
      5. Heterogeneous Nanostructures and Composites
      6. Encapsulation
      7. Consumer Goods
    10. Sensors
      1. Natural Nanoscale Sensors
      2. Electromagnetic Sensors
      3. Biosensors
      4. Electronic Noses
    11. Biomedical Applications
      1. Drugs
      2. Drug Delivery
      3. Photodynamic Therapy
      4. Molecular Motors
      5. Neuro-Electronic Interfaces
      6. Protein Engineering
      7. Shedding New Light on Cells: Nanoluminescent Tags
    12. Optics and Electronics
      1. Light Energy, Its Capture, and Photovoltaics
      2. Light Production
      3. Light Transmission
      4. Light Control and Manipulation
      5. Electronics
      6. Carbon Nanotubes
      7. Soft Molecule Electronics
      8. Memories
      9. Gates and Switches
      10. Architectures
    13. Nanobusiness
      1. Boom, Bust, and Nanotechnology: The Next Industrial Revolution?
      2. Nanobusiness Today
      3. High Tech, Bio Tech, Nanotech
      4. The Investment Landscape
      5. Other Dot Com Lessons
    14. Nanotechnology and You
      1. Nanotechnology: Here and Now
      2. Nano Ethics: Looking Beyond the Promise of Nanotechnology
    15. Some Good Nano Resources
      1. Free News and Information on the Web
      2. Venture Capital Interested In Nano
    16. Glossary
    17. About the Author