Chapter 13

Customization and Multistage Nanofiltration Applications for Potable Water, Treatment, and Reuse

Curtis D. Roth1, Saik Choon Poh2 and Diem X. Vuong1,    1DXV Water Technologies, LLC, Tustin, CA, USA,    2CH2MHILL, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Drinking Water: The term “nanofiltration” is really a misnomer. The removal mechanism for nanofiltration membranes is not purely filtration, but also osmotic. This makes them a true hybrid, bridging ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis membranes in the range of membrane treatment options. The wide range of nanofiltration membranes available in the market provides numerous options for targeting mass removals of specific or groups of constituents. Although the removal capabilities vary with membrane manufacturer ...

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