22Economic Aspects of Functionalized Nanomaterials for Environment

John Judith Vijaya1, Thambidurai Adinaveen2 and Mohamed Bououdina3,4

1Loyola College (Autonomous), Department of Chemistry, Catalysis and Nanomaterials Research Laboratory, Chennai, 600034, India

2Madras Christian College (Autonomous), Department of Chemistry, Chennai, 600059, India

3University of Bahrain, Nanotechnology Centre, PO Box 32038, Bahrain

4University of Bahrain, College of Science, Department of Physics, PO Box 32038, Bahrain

22.1 Introduction

The term nanotechnology is the combination of two words: the Greek numerical prefix nano referring to a billionth along with the word technology. As an outcome, nanotechnology or nanoscaled technology is generally considered ...

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