4.5. Gas–liquid separator sizing

4.5.1. Specifying separators

Separator designers need to know pressure, temperature, flow rates, and physical properties of the streams as well as the degree of separation required. It is also prudent to define if these conditions all occur at the same time or if there are only certain combinations that can exist at any time. If known, the type and amount of liquid should also be given, and whether it is mist, free liquid, or slugs.
For example, a compressor suction scrubber designed for 2–4.3 Mm3/day gas at 2750–4100 kPa (ga) and 20–40 °C would require a unit sized for the worse conditions, i.e., 4.3 Mm3/day at 2700 kPa (ga) and 40 °C. But if the real throughput of the compressor varies from 4.3 Mm3/day at 4100 ...

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