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(κ) Kappa scores, Annotate with the Specification
Cohen’s Kappa (κ), Cohen’s Kappa (κ)Cohen’s Kappa (κ)
Fleiss’s Kappa (κ), Fleiss’s Kappa (κ)Fleiss’s Kappa (κ)
Χ-squared (chi-squared) test, Other evaluation metrics


A Standard Corpus of Present-Day American English (Kucera and Francis) (see Brown Corpus)
active learning algorithms, Active Learning
adjudication, Creating the Gold Standard (Adjudication)
MAI as tool for, MAI User GuideSaving Files
Allen, James, Using Models Without Specifications, Related Research
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Distributed Computing
Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (MTurk), The Infrastructure of an Annotation Project
American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), Organizations and Conferences
American National Corpus (ANC), A Brief History of Corpus Linguistics
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) test, Other evaluation metrics
Analyzing Linguistic Data: A Practical Introduction to Statistics using R (Baayen), Corpus Analytics
annotated corpus, The Importance of Language Annotation
annotation environments
annotation units, support for, Choosing an Annotation Environment
chosing, Choosing an Annotation Environment
MAE (Multipurpose Annotation ...

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