Training a model

We will use OpenNLP to demonstrate how a model is trained. The training file used must:

  • Contain marks to demarcate the entities
  • Have one sentence per line

We will use the following model file named en-ner-person.train:

<START:person> Joe <END> was the last person to see <START:person> Fred <END>. 
He saw him in Boston at McKenzie's pub at 3:00 where he paid $2.45 for an ale. 
<START:person> Joe <END> wanted to go to Vermont for the day to visit a cousin who works at IBM, but <START:person> Sally <END> and he had to look for <START:person> Fred <END>.

Several methods of this example are capable of throwing exceptions. These statements will be placed in a try-with-resource block as shown here, where the model's output stream is created: ...

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