8.1. Global new and delete

The global versions of operator new and operator delete in the standard C++ library provide a uniform interface for allocating and deallocating objects of any type (built-in or class type). Table 8.1 shows the calling formats and signatures for global new.

Table 8.1. Formats for global new
Call Format Signatures
new Type (predeclared) void *operator new(size_t) throw(bad_alloc);
new(nothrow) Type void *operator new(size_t, const nothrow_t &) throw();
new (loc) Type void *operator new(size_t, void *) throw();
new Type[size1][sizeN] (predeclared) void *operator new[](size_t) throw(bad_alloc);
new(nothrow) Type[size1][sizeN] void *operator new[](size_t, const nothrow_t &) throw();
new (loc) Type[size1][sizeN] void *operator ...

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