Chapter 9Perspectives on Tomorrow's Metaverse

Congratulations! You now know more about the metaverse than most and have the tools to roll up your sleeves and get started in the metaverse economy. But don't rest on your laurels too long because things are moving fast. The economy is pointing up. Users grow by the day. And it seems like every day we see a new daytime television host bring up the metaverse or NFTs. It's exciting to be a part of the next phase of the Internet, the evolution of social media, and the full realization of eCommerce's potential. But the future is anybody's guess. We think it's going to be a very fast, very interesting evolution. Taking what we know about the industry as well as trends from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0, we're breaking out our crystal ball. As the metaverse economy evolves, keep your eye on these key concepts to stay ahead.

Grow with the Community

We've mentioned the importance of community throughout the book, and the people inside the metaverse will only gain more influence and prominence over time. Imagine how well blockchain or crypto would be doing if people hadn't bought in. Whether through their dollars or their actions, the people are what makes the metaverse work. Culture and community emerging in dApps deserve the lion's share of credit for where the metaverse economy is heading. Follow the people and you'll have as much market insight as you'll need.

But where is the community headed? While there's a lot of diversity in the global ...

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