Chapter 8 I Got Sued—It can happen to you

“It’s a letter,” said Mike.

“I can see that, dude. What does it say?” I asked in reply.

“Well, it’s registered mail,” he said, with a shocked look in his eye.

“And?” I prompted.

“Dude, they are threatening to sue us,” he said, looking up from the letter.

“Okay, about what?” I asked, thinking we had caused somebody’s computer to catch fire, or worse.

“Well, apparently the trademark we filed is something that this other company already uses,” he said.

“Oh, which trademark?” I asked. We had filed about a dozen of them in a plan to beef up our IP portfolio. We knew early on that our company, Bigfoot Networks would most likely be acquired for our IP. We were a technology company at our heart and a brand on ...

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