Negotiating Outcomes: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges

Book description

Negotiation is the process by which people resolve their differences. Whether those differences involve the purchase of a new automobile, a labor contract dispute, the terms of a sale, or a complex alliance between two companies, resolutions are typically sought through negotiations. This guide will help you prepare, conduct, and close a negotiation successfully

Table of contents

  1. Pocket Mentor Series
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Table of Contents
  5. Mentor’s Message: Negotiating Skills Will Help Your Career
  6. Negotiating Outcomes: The Basics
    1. Types of Negotiations
      1. Distributive negotiation
      2. Integrative negotiation
      3. The negotiator’s dilemma
    2. Multiphase and Multiparty Negotiations
      1. Multiphase negotiations
      2. Multiparty negotiations
    3. Four Key Concepts
      1. BATNA: The best alternative to a negotiated agreement
      2. The reservation price
      3. ZOPA: The zone of possible agreement
      4. Value creation through trades
    4. Nine Steps to a Deal
      1. Step 1: Determine satisfactory outcomes
      2. Step 2: Identify opportunities to create value
      3. Step 3: Identify your BATNA and reservation price
      4. Step 4: Improve your BATNA
      5. Step 5: Determine who has authority
      6. Step 6: Study the other side
      7. Step 7: Prepare for flexibility in the process
      8. Step 8: Gather objective criteria to establish fairness
      9. Step 9: Alter the process in your favor
    5. Negotiation Tactics
      1. Tactics for getting off to a good start
      2. Tactics for distributive negotiations
      3. Tactics for integrative negotiations
      4. Framing the solution
      5. Continual evaluation
    6. Barriers to Agreement
      1. Die-hard bargainers
      2. Lack of trust
      3. Potential saboteurs
      4. Differences in gender and culture
      5. Communication problems
    7. Cognitive Traps
      1. Irrational escalation
      2. Partisan perception
      3. Unreasonable expectations
      4. Overconfidence
      5. Unchecked emotions
    8. The Skills of Effective Negotiators
  7. Tips and Tools
    1. Tools for Negotiating Outcomes
    2. Test Yourself
      1. Answers to test questions
    3. Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Key Terms
  9. To Learn More
  10. Sources for Negotiating Outcomes
  11. Notes
  12. How to Order

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  • Title: Negotiating Outcomes: Expert Solutions to Everyday Challenges
  • Author(s): Harvard Business School Press
  • Release date: April 2007
  • Publisher(s): Harvard Business Review Press
  • ISBN: 9781422163764