Time for action – flattening a dictionary

Suppose, we have a dictionary such that each key has a list of values attached to them. Now, we want to project all the elements in a single collection:

  1. Copy the following code snippet as a query to LINQPad:
    Dictionary<string, List<string>> map = new Dictionary<string, List<string>>();
    map.Add("UK", new List<string>() { "Bermingham", "Bradford", "Liverpool" });
    map.Add("USA", new List<string>() { "NYC", "New Jersey", "Boston", "Buffalo" });
    var cities = map.SelectMany(c => c.Value).ToList();
    cities.Dump("All Cities");
  2. Run the query. You should see the following output:
    Time for action – flattening a dictionary

What just happened?

In this example, ...

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