The Basic Operators in C#

The basic set of operators supported by the C# language is essentially the same as those supported by C and C++. You can group the available operators into the following categories: arithmetic, relational, logical assignment, and type operators. The conditional operator is in a category by itself.

Arithmetic Operators

Table 4-1 shows the list of available arithmetic operators.

Table 4-1. C# Arithmetic operators
OperatorUsage ExampleDescription
Unary Plusres = +x;Returns the value of x.
Unary Minusres = -xReturns zero minus x.
Additionres = x + yAdds x and y. Also used for string concatenation.
Subtractionres=x - ySubtracts y from x. When checked, will throw an OverflowException if the result is outside the range of the result ...

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