Installing Shared Code

To demonstrate the installation and development processes, a simple application has been created that calls a method in an assembly. The main portion of this code is shown in Listing 6.5.

Listing 6.5. FooTest an Application to Test a Class Foo That Resides in FooLib
static void Main(string[] args)
    FooLib.Foo f = new FooLib.Foo();
    Console.WriteLine("Foo: {0} ", f.Version);

This application references an assembly also in the project that implements the Version property, as shown in Listing 6.6.

Listing 6.6. Implementation of FooLib
 [assembly: AssemblyDelaySign(true)] [assembly: AssemblyKeyFile(@"..\..\pubfoo.snk")] [assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.2.*")] . . . public class Foo { public Foo() { } public string ...

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